30 Totally Exciting Things To Do From The Safety Of Home This September

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Keep calm and welcome September.

September marks the start of Spring in Sydney. The weather is pleasant and sunny, days are longer and weekends are packed with exciting outdoor events around the city. Its truly one of the best times to be in Sydney.

Unfortunately for us, what it means this time round is trips to the balcony and back and one Netflix show after another thanks to the lockdown. But there’s a lot to look forward to. With NSW hitting its seven million vaccine target, it looks like we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

The best way to get through this month is to focus on the bright side and keep ourselves occupied till lockdown lifts. Lucky for us, there are still heaps of things happening around the city that you and I can take advantage of from the comfort of home.

1. Experience Japan and all its beauty (from home) with Japanaroo 

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and desperately want to escape your daily routine, we’ve got a fun little quick fix for you. Japanaroo — an exciting new initiative that celebrates all things Japan is on right now all over Sydney.

In a nutshell, the initiative gives organisations an opportunity to hold events related to Japan in and beyond Sydney. Anyone — right from NGOs to government organisations to shops and restaurants can take part and get in the spirit of the event. At the moment there are over 50 Japan-related events on till October.

2. Try your luck with Macca’s Monopoly

Macca’s Monopoly allows Aussies around the country a chance to win $616 million dollars in prizes. And not just your standard prizes — you can score anything from a Volkswagen car, outdoor Weber kitchens valued at $10,000, The Iconic gift cards worth $10,000, free fuel for a year from Ampol valued at $4,000 and much more.

There are also millions of food prizes to be won and 10 lucky Aussies will win free Macca’s for a year.

3. Take down the bad guys with this thrilling online adventure

Save the hostages in this online adventure or watch them dissolve. On the mission, should you choose to accept it, you and your team will need to free two brave minds in a world where not all is as it seems. Will you be able to save them or will their courage have gone to waste and our dreams of life after death come to nothing? Find out if you have what it takes to save the future of humanity in this online adventure game where you get to interact with a live performer as part of the story.

4. Indulge in some therapy with this wine and paint virtual class

Paint and Sip Studios have gone virtual for the duration of the lockdown, providing a much needed creative outlet to people.

You can now make your lockdown a bit more fun and indulge the artist in you with these virtual painting classes.

Even better — all painting supplies right from the canvas to paints to and easel, apron and brushes will be delivered to your doorstep by the studio.

5. Plan your post-lockdown escape with our NSW glamping guide

The NSW glamping experience combines the magic of being one with the elements to the luxuries and creature comforts of a hotel that help you unwind and rejuvenate. Where else can you stargaze then wake up to the sweet sounds of waves crashing on the beach… all while sleeping on king-sized beds and air con?

If setting up a tent, not having a shower for days, dealing with spiders and preparing food on an open fire is not really your thing, we suggest you give these glamping experiences a shot.

6. Laugh it out with The Running Joke 

While we might not be laughing at the current situation we find ourselves in, sometimes the only way to get through the tough times is to have a laugh. This is easier said than done but The Running Joke Comedy Club is going virtual throughout lockdown.

It’s bringing the jokes, the wisecracks, and the gags to lighten the mood and give us a shot of endorphins that we’re so desperately craving.

7. Mark your calendars because the Sydney Underground Film Festival is back and going digital this year

The Sydney Underground Film Festival — home to heaps of cult, underground and independent films has announced its 2021 return. And this time round, like almost every other event its going virtual.

Running from September 9-26, you can stream up to 30 feature films and documentaries — including 20 Australian premieres, and over 100 shorts across 9 themed sessions. Special virtual events also include Q&A’s, bonus content, plus a screening of  the Take48 challenge films that can be enjoyed globally.

8. Head to the Bible Garden for a run with a view (if it’s within your 5kms radius)

The Bible Garden is a quiet, meditative garden in the heart of Palm Beach with an absolutely stunning bird’s eye view of the beach and its surrounds. The best thing about it is it’s almost always empty so you get to have this view all to yourself.

9. Curl up in bed with Netflix’s exciting September lineup

There is heaps of new stuff to look forward to courtesy the streaming giant and some old, tried and tested favourites gracing our screens in August. Right from award-winning movies to Netflix originals and classic action flicks, here’s everything you can look forward to on Netflix Australia next month.

10-13 Beat those lockdown blues with these 4 fabulous virtual events 

With lockdown being extended by another month, we’ve been on the hunt for more ways to lift our moods while we bunker down at home, follow the rules and keep each other safe by doing the right thing. On our search, we have found some virtual events that will surely make you laugh or help lighten the mood and make lockdown that little bit more bearable.

14. Get takeaway from one of these 125+ amazing restaurants, cafe’s and bars around the city 

At a time like this, our hospitality industry relies on us more than ever before. If you have the means, you can show your support by ordering takeaway and helping to keep these businesses afloat — every little bit counts.

15. Stream the Northern Lights live from your home 

You can stream the northern lights live to your bedroom (or kitchen, Seymour Skinner style) as if it were the latest thriller on Netflix. And—added bonus—you won’t need to fork out a mortgage to see them.


Every single evening, Polar Bear International and Explore streams the sky in all its glory. If you’ve picked a good night, you’ll catch nature’s stunning light show live from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

16. Order these super gooey fondue cheese pots from Aldi

Image credit: Angela Pham via Unsplash

The supermarket chain has recently released an authentic French fondue cheese pot for the ridiculously low price of just $4.99 to satiate your midnight cheese craving.

Even better — there’s no actual work involved. You only need to microwave the tub for two minutes and you’ll get the desired soft, creamy consistency. Great taste with minimal effort — just the way we like it.

The fondue pots are priced at $6.99, but are currently on a special 30% promo which brings the price down to just $4.99. An absolute steal if you ask us.

17. Explore these incredible art galleries in your PJs

While we may not be able to travel the globe, there’s nothing stopping your mind from stepping into these digital galleries and rediscovering the world through the lens of your favourite artist. Here is an A to Z list of the best virtual tours from top cities around the world this September.

18. Take a virtual tour of Petra — the ancient Rose City from home

You’ve probably seen the iconic facade of The Treasury in movies, and almost definitely on multiple Instagram feeds in the past few years. This was in large part thanks to the collaboration between Google and Queen Rania of Jordan, where a concerted effort was made not only to boost tourist numbers but to also help preserve the wonder and awe of the stone city for future generations.

Now, thanks to being in either quarantine, self-isolation or lockdown, multiple present-day generations also have the opportunity to digitally explore the ancient city and learn of the history and culture of its once-nomadic Arabian inhabitants, the Nabateans.

19. Experience Disney and all it’s magic through these virtual rides. 

We might not be able to visit Disneyland, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Now, you can enjoy all your favourite rides without having to do much traveling past your couch this September!

20. Dig into these feel-good movies to beat the lockdown blues

While we wait out this lockdown and do our bit, there are heaps of great feel good movies to suit every quarantine mood. If you need a shot of happiness this September, we highly recommend curling up in your pyjamas with one of these feel good movies that are guaranteed to pick you up if you’re feeling down.

21. Experience these exciting art exhibitions around Australia from your couch. 

one thing we always do when travelling to a major city abroad is to take a visit to one of their art galleries. And then we wondered, when was the last time we’d travelled to another Australian city to see an art exhibition?

With that said, here’s a list of art exhibitions happening around Australia that should definitely be on your radar if you’re considering a trip interstate post lockdown.

22. Stream some legendary musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber on YouTube for free. 

Yes, you’ll get to enjoy a dash of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. You’ll get to taste a pinch of Jesus Christ Superstar. And, you’ll even get to experience a new, virtually orchestrated snippet of Phantom Of The Opera. ALL for no cost at all.

23. Get your fix of adorable animals 24/7 courtesy of Taronga Zoo. 

Bringing some much-needed levity to our lives is Taronga Zoo who have announced that they will be bringing back their super popular online TV channel. We can now watch mischievous meerkats, adorable otters and seals frolic around at the zoo from the comfort of our homes. Just in time for Spring season and September.

24. In need of some comfort food? Try Sandoitchi Cafe’s delicious buttermilk fried chicken sando recipe

Image: Supplied

We turned to some of Sydney’s finest chefs for a little guidance to help us collate some simple, delicious and nourishing recipes that will help you stay sane in lockdown and whip up some seriously good grub. Check out the recipe for buttermilk fried chicken sando by chef Pureephat ‘Bhas’ Kraikangwan of Sandoitchi Cafe.

25. Catch up on your reading with one of these great reads as recommended by popular Australian bookstagrammers

The hashtag bookstagram has been shared over 60 million times on the social media site which goes to show that lovers of the printed word are alive, well and bursting with creativity. We reached out to eight popular Australian book accounts to ask them their favourite reads to help you and me get through lockdown in September.

26. Try one of these brilliant ramen spots for some much needed comfort food

Not many dishes can be as simple yet versatile as a humble bowl of ramen. From soupy noodles to unique toppings, everyone has a favourite go-to bowl. In Sydney, ramen is a favourite, with joints and eateries in practically every corner. Here are some of our favourite ramen places around Sydney to explore this September.

27. Get flamin’ hot cheetos chicken tenders delivered to your doorstep 

To make your lockdown a little bit spicier, Downtown Brooklyn in Penrith has dropped a flamin’ hot Cheetos limited-edition range of chicken tenders. Seasoned with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, these tenderloins are out of this world delicious and fried to absolute perfection for that extra kick.

28. Tackle these six super fun games at home designed by Escape Hunt, global leaders in escape rooms


One of the global leaders in the world of escape rooms, Escape Hunt have created digital as well as print-and-play games for you, the family and your mates to play. So all you need to do is get the snacks out, pop open the drinks and work together to solve these puzzling mysteries before the time runs out.

29. Give bartending a shot with these easy DIY cocktail recipes 

The bars in Sydney may be closed due to lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an evening tipple. Whether you want to try something new or you want to have a go at making your own cocktails, here are some quick and easy recipes from Australian Distilling Co. that are sure to please your taste buds.

30. Wander around Sydney with this super soothing video 

Image credit:

Needless to say, we miss being out and about in Sydney and experiencing the city in person. But despite the strict stay-at-home orders, there are still ways we can explore our gorgeous city and state and look forward to life post lockdown in September.

This video allows you to stroll through Sydney in your PJs and slippers and we’d say this is the next best thing when it comes to exploring the Harbour City in all its splendour given the ongoing situation.

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