This Secret Garden Offers A Million-Dollar View Of Palm Beach • The Bible Garden

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This Secret Garden Offers A Million-Dollar View Of Palm Beach • The Bible Garden

Prepare to have your breath taken away by one of Pittwater’s best kept secrets.

Sydney is brimming with magical gardens, stunning beaches, legendary architecture and an exciting live music scene, but believe it or not, there are several beautiful spots that remain largely unexplored. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring some of these hidden gems to you and we deliver what we promise. This week we stumbled upon a secret spot very close to Palm Beach which has surprisingly managed to stay under the radar despite its proximity to one of Sydney’s most legendary spots. (Featured image: bhasseler, Shutterstock)

The Bible Garden is a quiet, meditative garden in the heart of Palm Beach with an absolutely stunning bird’s eye view of the beach and its surrounds. The best thing about it is it’s almost always empty so you get to have this view all to yourself.

Established in the 1960s by South African native Gerald Hercules Robinson, the garden came into being after Robinson visited a Bible garden in the grounds of Bangor Cathedral in Wales and was inspired to create a similar space for the public to retreat to.

Typically a Christian garden, it’s interesting to note that the garden descends in biblical chronological order, with plants at the very top of the slope mentioned in the book of Genesis and so on. There is also a leather-bound bible stored safely in a box to keep it safe.


Perched quietly on top of a hill, the Garden is easily accessible by public transport – just a 20-minute uphill walk from the nearest bus stop.

It’s the absolute perfect spot to sit with a book and unwind or take in the sights and sounds on a romantic little picnic.

Soaked in history, the garden is free to visit and enjoy, but please be mindful that it is a small space and is best suited for quiet activities.

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