Enjoy A Therapeutic Night Of Paint And Wine At Home With This Virtual Studio

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Enjoy A Therapeutic Night Of Paint And Wine At Home With This Virtual Studio

Instead of getting into bed with some Netflix, opt for this more creative option at home.

With the extended lockdown, many businesses have had to adapt to suit the current restrictions. Paint and Sip Studios have gone virtual for the duration of the lockdown, providing a much needed creative outlet to people.

You can now make your lockdown a bit more fun and indulge the artist in you with these virtual painting classes.

Even better — all painting supplies right from the canvas to paints to and easel, apron and brushes will be delivered to your doorstep by the studio.

A Paint and Sip Studios mentor will host and guide you throughout the evening. Its advised to book in your sessions at least two weeks in advance so you can receive your delivery in time.

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You can embark on a fun adventure next Saturday, on August 14 with the theme Night Magic. Let the calmness of the night and your inner being sync together as you explore the canvas and fill it with colour. Sounds like an ideal escape from the events outside and a great way to unwind after a long week.


You can snap up your tickets for this event here but you’ll need to be fast to get your paint pack delivered on time.

Grab some grub, pour yourself a glass of red, settle in and uncork (pun intended) your creativity.


What: Paint and Sip Studios
Where: Virtual
Price: $70 per person
Date: On from now till August 21

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