15 Virtual Experiences From Drag Queen Baking To Bingo And Disney Classics To Cocktails And More

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

15 Virtual Experiences From Drag Queen Baking To Bingo And Disney Classics To Cocktails And More

Look forward to drag, stars, games for kids and good food and drink.

Never did we think we would be writing about virtual experiences for this long, but this is the situation we’re in. So, while we bunker down at home, follow the rules and keep each other safe by doing the right thing, we’ve been on the continued search for ways to lift our moods, take our minds off of things and just have some fun.

We’ve also listened and heard that some of you are looking for games to play with kids, so we’ve found a couple of those too. They actually look like a bit of fun for everyone with a budding imagination. Scroll to the bottom for those.

1. Paint and Sip to Live Magical Movie Soundtracks

Sip, paint and decorate while listening to the supremely talented Van-Anh recreate your favourite magical movie soundtracks for the piano. The virtual piano performance will feature classic Disney songs from movies like Aladdin, Moana, Frozen, and Beauty & The Beast as well as cocktail and cookie packs for an awesome afternoon of fun.

📅 Saturday 9 October (Cocktails and cookies must be ordered by 30 September)

🕒 5pm

💰 From $33

More info

2. Gender Bender Drag Queen Bingo

Penny Tration is bold, she’s brass and she’s a drag queen legend who is the hostess with the mostess. As the Queen of Bingo she’s teaming up with RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under star Coco Jumbo to call out the balls and give you endless sass as they imitate, girate and have you calling out Yas Kween on Thursday night with the online version of Gender Bender Drag Queen Bingo.

Presented by Untamed Entertainment, there will be prizes to be won and plenty of fun to be had. So, pour yourself a drink and prepare yourself for a fabulous night in.

📅 Thursday 23 September

🕒 7:30-9pm

💰 $30pp

More info

3. Hand Building Pottery Class

Get your hands dirty with clay and beat it, roll it, knead it and shape it into whatever you like with the help of ceramic designer Juni Ross. Choose from either air dry clay or firing clay, which you’ll need to take to your local kiln for firing, and work your magic. Pair up and double the fun with double the amount of clay.

The Clay Social will also let you clay it forward and send the clay packs, which come complete with the necessary tools to help mould the masterpiece, to someone you know.

📅 Thursday 30 September, Thursday 7 October

🕒 7pm

💰 From $78

More info

4. Italian Wine Masterclass

Italy ain’t far away when you get two bottles of Italian wine delivered to your door in preparation for a one-hour Italian wine-tasting masterclass with a professional sommelier. You’ll learn how to recognise the characteristics of Italian wines, from the label to the glass, as well as uncovering terminologies and grape varieties famous on the Italian peninsula.

📅  Saturday 9 October, Monday 18 October

🕒 6pm

💰 $150

More info

5. Baking And Trivia Party with Domino Trixx

Grab the ingredients, preheat the ovens and get ready for a Sunday Funday virtual experience that will bring the house down!

The Haus of Trixx’s Cook n Quiz Drag Queen Baking and Trivia party will first challenge our skills in the kitchen but thankfully Domino Trixx will be on hand to take us through each and every step of the baking process so that we make no mistakes on our way to popping our chocolatey-banana bread in the oven.

Then, while we wait for it to rise, the Quiz Queen herself will test our knowledge and find out if our wit really is as fabulous as we say it is.

📅 Sunday 26 September

🕒 2pm

💰 $35pp

More info

6. Sound Healing Experience

Marc Tomkinson combines the 432 Hz frequency with ancient rituals, instruments and technology to curate meditative soundscapes that will take listeners on a journey onto an optimal state of balance. The music will flow like a stream and will wash over you as you sit, listen and let yourself be carried away.

📅 Sunday 26 September

🕒 7pm

💰 $30pp

More info

7. Online Gnocchi Cooking Class with top chef

Gnocchi is one of our favourite foods. We love tucking into a bowl of the fabulously soft and pillowy-like potato dumplings when we’re out but it’s nothing often we make it from scratch at home. However, we definitely should as it’s not that difficult. But just in case you’ve got doubts, Italian chef Fabio who has worked at  LuMi Dining as well as Bondi Icebergs is holding an online masterclass where he’ll be running the show and teaching you everything you need to know.

Not only will he take us through the steps of making restaurant-grade gnocchi, but he will also show us a bunch of techniques as well as presentation styles for when we want to show up to friends and fam after lockdown. But first, you’ll get to have some fun with a few challenges and competitions.

📅 Thursday 30 September

🕒 6pm

💰 $74pp

More info

8. Yoga and Piano in Nature Class

With live piano and synthesizers by Animal Feelings, the musical project by producer and pianist Oli Chang, join yoga instructor Destiny Wolf on a sonic and spiritual escape to help you find balance in these troubling times. Revive your body as you flow through this 45-minute yoga class and ground yourself in this practice to begin the weekend right.

Chang’s sound is inspired by nature and his music having been featured in films like Pitch Perfect and TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy whereas Destiny, the other half of the team, has years of experience with her classes incorporating pranayama and meditation.

📅 Friday 24 September, Friday 8 October

🕒 5:15pm

💰 $20

More info

9. The Virtual Running Joke

While we might not be laughing at the current situation we find ourselves in, sometimes the only way to get through the tough times is to have a laugh and thanks to the Running Joke Comedy Club going virtual throughout lockdown we’ve got jokes, wisecracks, and gags to lighten the mood and give us a shot of endorphins.

Like the in-person shows, some of Australia’s best comedians will continue to drop in alongside the roster of up-and-comers that are no less funny and might just be the next big Australian act. And thanks to going online, The Virtual Running Joke is also inviting international comedy stars to perform.

📅 Fridays in lockdown

🕒 8-10pm

💰 $15

More info

10. Online Astronomy Tour with an Astrophysicist

While we’re big fans of Dr Dimitri Douchin’s Stargazing and Storytelling experience, we can’t make it out to the Blue Mountains to actually experience it. However, we don’t need to because he’s coming to us with an online astronomy tour that will take us on a captivating virtual journey through space from the comfort of your couch.

With over ten years of experience in the Southern Hemisphere, Dr Dimitri and his partner will divulge the histories of Australia’s night sky, teach you navigation tips for the next time you’re under the stars, tell you fascinating science facts and play space games with you all with the aid of immersive software. This is an out of this world experience right from your couch.

📅 Multiple days a week

🕒 9pm

💰 $30

More info

11. Bad Altitude

Some airlines are simply not as good as others. You get what you pay for and in this online game experience, the passengers on board this airline are really getting their money’s worth—or not.

However, you’re not a passenger and it’s up to you and your crack crew (up to six devices can connect per ticket) to get through this flight. From the demanding VIP passengers to escaped pets creating havoc, you will need to solve the puzzles, crack the codes and do all that is necessary to avoid disaster and possible death.

Grab some drinks to take the edge off and discuss your tactics via the chatbox or video call if you’re playing with friends or family living elsewhere.

Do you have what it takes to save this flight?

📅 You choose when to play

💰 $29

More info

12. Escape to Freeplane Online Adventure

On the mission, should you choose to accept it, you and your team will need to free two brave minds in a world where not all is as it seems. Will you be able to save them or will their courage have gone to waste and our dreams of life after death come to nothing? Find out if you have what it takes to save the future of humanity in this online adventure game where you get to interact with a live performer as part of the story.

📅 Wednesday 29 September, Thursday 30 September and more dates

🕒 6pm and 8pm

💰 $29pp

More info

13. Mountain Goat Mountain: A Family Audio Theatre Experience

Kids need to have fun too and on Mountain Goat Mountain they can have as much fun as they like with you. This theatrical adventure is an audio experience that will have your kids jumping all around as they uncover the secrets of a mysterious creature.

All you need to do is press play, find some basic household items and put your imagination to use as your house transforms into Mountain Goat Mountain.

📅 30-day family pass to Mountain Goat Mountain

💰 $19.95

More info

14. Feather Quest: at-home family experience

Feather Quest is a mission to help out a feathered friend who has lost all of its feathers. Without them, it can’t take to the sky and be free.

Using a set of beautifully designed cards that will be delivered to you at home, this interactive game will take kids on a journey through the life of a bird, from its nest to the skies above. You will need to gather together treasures from around the home, come up with a family birdcall and swoop through the rooms of your house to get your little friend flying again.

📅 You choose when to play

💰 $34.95

More info

15. Escape Hunt’s Online Escape Games

One of the global leaders in the world of escape rooms, Escape Hunt have created digital as well as print-and-play games for you, the family and your mates to play. So all you need to do is get the snacks out, pop open the drinks and work together to solve these puzzling mysteries before the time runs out.

There are six to choose from, so take a look and see if you can conquer them all!

More info

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