12 Things We’re Looking Forward To Doing In Sydney In 2021

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12 Things We’re Looking Forward To Doing In Sydney In 2021

We’re leaving 2020 behind…

And hoping that all the crap that happened doesn’t follow us into the new year. We know, we know, it’s unlikely — especially now with the Covid hit we’ve just taken — but we can hope and dream and imagine a time when we can be out and about without a worry. And to help us hope and dream and imagine this time, find here a list of things we’re looking forward to. (Featured image: @awiy1)

1. The Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble

Image: @tokeller

Okay, so this isn’t actually in Sydney, but since we’ve spent the year here anyway, we do feel a little anxious not travelling.

It also feels like we’re being taunted with this possibility as at times it feels like a very real possibility, especially with our kiwi neighbours already being allowed into Australia without quarantine. We were told it would happen earlier in the year, then by Christmas, and now it’s some time in early 2021. But no matter when the trans-Tasman travel bubble actually happens, we’re for sure going to scratch that travel itch and return to Sydney brimming with excitement.

2. Seeing Matisse in Sydney

Image: Gandalf’s Gallery

Originally planned to be on display earlier this year, the Art Gallery of NSW has finally been able to set new dates for the massive Matisse exhibition coming direct from Paris’ Centre Pompidou — Europe’s largest museum of modern art. Spanning six decades and tracing the development of Matisse’s style and technique, it will be the largest collection of work by the French artist to ever appear in Sydney. Who isn’t excited about this?

And if you’re keen on more stunning art from around the world being shown in Australia, then you might need to make a road trip to Brisbane to see 65 European masterpieces from New York City’s The Met, and/or  a trip to Canberra for the largest collection of artworks from London’s National Gallery to ever leave the UK.

3. Seeing the famed opera, La Traviata

Handa Opera has confirmed that the spectacle that wowed us back in 2012 will return rain, hail, or shine (but not pandemic) next year. Running every night from 26 March to 25 April 2021, ‘La Traviata’ is the tale of love and heartbreak which inspired Moulin Rouge!

4. These Concerts by Candlelight

New to town!

Calm your mind and experience classical music in a new light with these sensational concerts by candlelight in some of Sydney’s most magical locations. These Candlelight concerts invite everyone to relive the greatest works of classical music, from Vivaldi to Mozart to Bach, in an intimate atmosphere.

5. Experiencing the night-time economy boom

Image: @christopher__burns

Thanks to an ambitious NSW government plan, Sydney is destined to become a truly global city that takes advantage of the night-time economy. But for this to plan to take shape, one significant piece of legislation needed to be passed first. Luckily, it did pass and now as part of Sydney’s vision for the night, performing arts, music and culture, live sports, night clubs, and galleries will be allowed to remain open for longer while cinemas, bars, pubs and hotels will also be granted more flexibility and the necessary help to expand into the evening.

6. Eating at Clare Smyth’s new restaurant

Image: @chefclaresmyth

Rightly heralded as one of fine dining’s most remarkable talents across the world, Australian audiences might remember Clare Smyth from her appearance on Masterchef (season 11, episode 16) where she put contestants Derek, Jess and Leah under a considerable amount of pressure to recreate her Pear and Lemon Verbena Vacherin.


Slated to open in February, the not-yet-named restaurant will surely become another of the world’s best.

7. Tasting the best croissants in the world

Image: @lunecroissant

They’re coming. They’re coming.

Lune Sydney was meant to open earlier this year but, as you know, something happened which set back the developer’s timeline. And although the dates and menus have not yet been confirmed for the Sydney store, jump across to the Lune Criossanterie website for a peek at what to expect.

8. Checking out the revamped Australian Museum

Image: Australian Museum – Artist’s rendering of new touring exhibition hall

Fifteen months ago, the Australian Museum closed its doors to begin the biggest renovation project in its 190-year history. When visitors return, they will be treated to an extra 3000-square-metres of space, which includes the new Grand Hall, a second cafe, bathrooms on every level and, most importantly, the principal reason for the revamp — the almost doubling in size of the Touring Exhibition Hall.

9. Checking out Sydney’s newest museum

Image: @ccwm_sydney

The purpose-built space, designed by Sydney-based design studio Johnson Pilton Walker, now houses three distinct and disparate collections that, until now, were showcased separately and in no way near their entirety.

The exhibition space, having now tripled to 2000-square-metres, has allowed the University of Sydney to display a huge slice of their 400,000-plus strong collection of items including the remains of four mummies in the dedicated mummy room.

10. Going to food festivals and food-for-thought festivals

Mould was cancelled in 2020, but they’re promising to bounce back this year. And the Festival of Dangerous Ideas was postponed and we’re eagerly awaiting for news that the talks we were keen on seeing will at one stage go ahead. We’re also keen on the return of Vivid Sydney. Hope and dream.

11. Seeing Hamilton

Image: Courtesy of Hamilton West End, photo by @murphymade

Back in 2016, it was hinted that Hamilton, The Musical was coming to Australia. And then last year, it was confirmed for March, 2021. Tickets are now on sale.

12. Explore the Blue Mountains with High and Wild Australian Adventures

If you’re looking for more experiences, more fun, and slightly off the beaten path adventures — say, perhaps, rockpools to swim in or waterfalls to chase and abseil down — then you certainly need to pay a visit to High and Wild Australian Adventures in Katoomba. But before you go, check out our Secret Sydney Guide To The Blue Mountains. 

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