Sydney’s Night-Time Economy Has Just Been Given The Go Ahead To Open Up

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Sydney’s Night-Time Economy Has Just Been Given The Go Ahead To Open Up

Good news: the Liquor Amendment Bill 2020 has passed through the NSW Parliament’s Legislative Council.

Thanks to an ambitious NSW government plan, Sydney is destined to become a truly global city that takes advantage of the night-time economy. But for this to plan to take shape, one significant piece of legislation needed to be passed first. And that, Sydneysiders, occurred just this week. (Featured image: @christopher__burns)

Key changes in the Liquor Amendment Bill 2020, otherwise known as the 24-hour Economy Bill, include:

➡️ Less bureaucratic red tape

➡️ A new incentives and sanctions system for venues, which promotes clean records with fee discounts

➡️ Small bars allowed to permit minors (circumstantial) for more family-friendly services

➡️ The removal of outdated live music restrictions

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In response to the passing of the bill, Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello has said, ”the economy doesn’t go to sleep after dark and we need laws that cater for a 21st-century economy. The hospitality sector has been brought to its knees this year and the new laws will give the sector greater certainty and flexibility.”

Furthermore, Investment and tourism minister Stuart Ayers commented that these changes would offer customers a plethora of choices as businesses become empowered after years of struggling to not only deal with but simply to understand the maze of regulations that they previously had to work through.

As part of Sydney’s vision for the night, performing arts, music and culture, live sports, night clubs, and galleries will be allowed to remain open for longer while cinemas, bars, pubs and hotels will also be granted more flexibility and the necessary help to expand into the evening. Consequently, we’ll like see more restaurants, food trucks and food markets opening up to give all Sydneysiders more nighttime options.

To champion Sydney’s transformation, a ‘Night Mayor’ will highlight all the possibilities on offer.

Although there is still a lot of work to get done, and a long road ahead in transforming Sydney into a truly global, 24-hour city, the changes are expected to come into effect from 1 December in order to complement the recent alfresco dining changes.

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