Swim, Slide And Abseil Down Waterfalls With High And Wild’s Blue Mountain Adventures

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Swim, Slide And Abseil Down Waterfalls With High And Wild’s Blue Mountain Adventures

The Blue Mountains: home to gorgeous scenery, quaint towns, and adrenaline-fuelled escapes.

When you go to the Blue Mountains, you could stick to the roads and paths others are used to.

But if you’re looking for more experiences, more fun, and slightly off the beaten path adventures — say, perhaps, rockpools to swim in or waterfalls to chase and abseil down — then you certainly need to pay a visit to High and Wild Australian Adventures.

High and Wild’s half-day abseiling challenge will show avid adventurers the ropes and start them off easy on a teeny-weeny five-metre abseil before progressing onto the more challenging fifteen-metre cliff face.

But for those really looking to put their hearts in their mouths, the half-day challenge finishes off with a nerve-inducing 30-metre overhanging abseil. Fear not because the High and Wild crew will be on hand to ease your worries and tell you about all the other amazing activities you are capable of doing.

If climbing a cliff face is as much fun for you as abseiling down, then check out High and Wild’s combo pack. Designed as an introduction to the vertical world of rock, you will abseil in the morning and complete several single-pitch climbs in the afternoon — best of both!

Or, you could spice up your day of abseiling with the Juggler Canyoning Adventure at Grose Valley, where the High and Wild crew will lead you on a short hike through the bush to the first of five 20-metre abseils before taking you on a stunning 45-minute trek back to the car. Again, don’t worry. You’ll first hit the five-metre abseil in the morning to learn the ropes and be treated to a gourmet lunch.

Our absolute favourite challenge, though, has to be the Empress Canyoning adventure, where you wade into the water of the narrow canyon before getting to jump into several rockpools and slide down a number of natural rockslides. All of this while surrounded by stunning scenery and before you even reach the pièce de résistance: a 30-metre abseil down a waterfall to a rockpool below. Will you be game enough to take a picture halfway down?

Located in Katoomba, High and Wild has been leading the way in Blue Mountains adventure tours since 1989. Whether you’re after a half-day adventure abseiling from heights of up to 30 metres, a full-day canyon escape complete with walks, swims, and waterfalls, or multi-day treks through the Aussie bush, they’ve got you covered.

And thanks to their experienced, skilled and passionate outdoor adventure team, they’ll not only have your adrenaline pumping, but they’ll also have you punching the air in triumph and asking if you can go again, and again, and again.

All of High and Wild’s Australian Adventures include the technical equipment needed to complete the climbs, abseils, and swims through the canyon as well as lunch so that you have the required energy to hold on tight. And then let go!

High and Wild is open seven days a week. All you have to do is choose your adventure.

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