Not Being Able To Travel Is Officially Making Us More Anxious, Survey Finds

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Not Being Able To Travel Is Officially Making Us More Anxious, Survey Finds

Getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to travel? Feeling blue about the lack of holidays in your calendar? You’re not alone.

It is safe to say that Covid-19 has ruined more than just our travel plans, but we cannot underestimate the effects of this travel hiatus.

According to a trend report from American Express, the lack of travel is ‘taking an emotional toll’ on us, and I personally second that. Turns out travel is good for more than just upping our Instagram game and getting a tan. It does wonders for our mental health too.

So, if you’re feeling more anxious than usual, maybe this is why!

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Travelling the world has been nearly impossible since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Plenty of countries have been under strict lockdowns, many have closed their borders, and quarantine practices have become necessary. And since we’re an island nation, flung far far away from pretty much the rest of the world, we’ve shut up shop completely now. States are even closed off to each other for the first time in 100 years!


The trend report surveyed 2000 people and concluded that as a whole, not being able to travel is causing us increased anxiety. Just under half the participants admitted to feeling stressed as a result, and over 75% claimed that travel is what they missed the most about pre-corona life.

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So there you have it, proof that not being able to jet away makes us kind of miserable. And while a lot of us are naturally hesitant to leaving our homes and neighbourhoods, and many places are still off-limits, there is no harm in thinking about your next vacay. Several scientists actually suggest that even just planning a trip can having a positive effect on our mental health.

And with Qantas warning that international flights are unlikely to resume before July 2021, this is the time to investigate, research and plan your next big adventure.

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