Find Out How You Can Win The Chance To Slurp Up This $400 Ramen From Gumshara

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Find Out How You Can Win The Chance To Slurp Up This $400 Ramen From Gumshara

The world’s most expensive ramen is not for sale.

In fact, the only way you will be able to get your hands on this superior bowl of broth, noodle, pork, lobster, and veg is by entering the online competition via @XboxANZ on Twitter from midday on Tuesday, October 20 until Tuesday, November 10.


Because how else do you celebrate the launch of Like a Dragon, the eighth title in the Yakuza video game series which chronicles the life of Ichiban Kasuga, a man imprisoned for eighteen years who then goes on a personal quest to become a hero?

After eighteen years of eating prison grub, it’s obviously with food.

Concocted in the kitchens of Haymarket’s Gumshara Ramen restaurant by none other than head chef and owner Mori Higashida, the Rags to Riches Ramen is made using ten kilos of pork bones boiled in nothing more than water for fourteen hours (it’s the marrow that gives it the flavour), five kilos of quality lobster heads, and one full lobster with tempura tail and its head given the Midas’ touch. The ramen, complete with noodles and traditional garnishes, is also topped off with Golden Nori.

In creating the over the top ramen, Mori Higashida has said that he is ”familiar with the craziness of the game” since his ”wife is actually a fan of the Yakuza series of videogames”, and so he hopes that this dish has captured the essence of the series as well as the character arc of this edition’s main protagonist.

Fortunately or not, the competition is only open to NSW residents Tuesday, November 10, the day the game hits stores in Australia. The winner of the competition will also receive a custom-made Yakuza: Like a Dragon Noren (Japanese restaurant banner) and a copy of the game on Xbox.

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