Sit Down And Plate Up Because Sydney Now Has 4 All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Restaurants · Okami

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Sit Down And Plate Up Because Sydney Now Has 4 All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Restaurants · Okami

All-you-can-eat Japanese? Say no more.

With 22 restaurants already open in Victoria, Okami has made the leap to Sydney with its first restaurant opening in Marrickville. However, the Japanese food chain has now got four stores open in NSW with its newest venture having opened just last month in Penrith.

You would be forgiven for thinking that all-you-can-eat style restaurants lack quality, whether it’s in the ingredients used, the final plating, or in the attention to customer service.

But what if we told you that that’s only true of the open-buffet restaurants from years ago (you know exactly which ones we’re talking about) because at Okami all of your dishes are freshly prepared when you order and made to share with those on your table.

That’s right. At Okami there will be no food being kept warm under hot lights, slowly going soft and tasteless.

Instead, diners are given two hours with which to gobble down as many entrees, mains, and desserts as humanly possible. There are something like thirty or forty dishes to choose from too, so you know that there will be more than a little something for everyone to be happy with. Portions are also be prepared with your group size taken into consideration so there’s no need to waste time and energy trying to figure out how much to order.

From among the entrees, you will find your tastebuds salivating with the likes of lightly seared beef carpaccio, sushi and nigiri platters, vegetable kakiage, takoyaki, and chicken karaage.


Moving onto the mains, you might find yourself fighting over teriyaki steak, seafood tempura, ika spicy misoyaki, or cooked prawns.

And for dessert, there are three ice-cream flavours to choose from or the green tea daifuku—Japanese mochi dessert stuffed with a sweet filling. Which will you choose?

This all-you-can-eat experience will set you back $34.80 each, with a minimum of two people required to take full advantage.

Not so keen on stuffing your mouth full of food but still want to taste the newest Japanese restaurant in town? The takeaway menu features most of the options available in the restaurant, with their sashimi, sushi rolls, bento boxes, and katsu don options among their best selling.

To reserve your table today, see the Okami Japanese Restaurant website.

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