You Can Use Your NSW Discover Vouchers At These Great Events And Experiences

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You Can Use Your NSW Discover Vouchers At These Great Events And Experiences

Save your money and use your Discover vouchers with Fever.

Update: Due to the lockdown, the NSW Government has once again extended the Dine and Discover program and it will now expire on 31 August.

Fever, the global entertainment discovery platform that landed in Australia earlier this year, is now accepting the Discover vouchers for some of its events and experiences listed on the platform.

This is great news because the Dine and Discover program has been extended until 31 August, which gives much more time to make good use of the initiative and inject much-needed funds back into the community. And what’s more, you can use your Discover vouchers to purchase Fever Open Candlelight Tickets, which are valid for two years. More on that, and how to use your Discover vouchers with Fever, below.

But first, at what events and experiences can you use your Discover voucher and save $25.

1. Candlelight Concerts

After having enormous success around the world—in cities like Paris and New York—these Candlelight concerts have continued to enchant with Sydneysiders experiencing classical music in a new light.

From Beethoven to Chopin to Vivaldi and Mozart, the sounds of these master composers, as performed by some of Sydney’s most talented musicians, have wowed audiences at some of the most magical locations across the city.

If so far you have missed out on experiencing the intimate atmosphere of these classical music concerts in Sydney, then you’re in luck as more tickets and shows have become available including candlelit concerts for jazz, pop, anime and classic movie soundtracks as well.

And now you can get $25 off of your ticket price by using one of your Discover vouchers.

See all Candlelight concerts happening in Sydney.

2. Nature Illuminated

This winter, Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship will be transformed into a wonderland with theatrical lighting reflecting the four seasons of the year, interactive forest sprites that keep a watchful eye over nature and an augmented reality treasure hunt that will explore the flora and fauna of this fabled realm.

A string quartet will also be performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and serenading guests as they make their way through the wonderland of light and colour while dining guests will also get to enjoy a delectable eight-course Chinese banquet at The Gardens by Lotus which will certainly enhance the Nature Illuminated experience.

As the vouchers exclude the sale of alcohol, you will be unable to use your Discover vouchers when purchasing the VIP Access ticket.

Don’t miss out and get your tickets to Nature Illuminated now.

3. Keep an eye on Fever’s NSW Discover page

Since the Dine and Discover program has been extended until 31 August, more events and partners that have registered with the NSW government will be listed on Fever’s NSW Discover page.

In the past week, Live At The Great: Umberto Clerici and Konstantin Shamray has been added to the Discover category as well as multiple Sydney cruises including a fabulous four-course VIVID dinner cruise, a sunset dinner cruise and a whale-watching adventure.

Take a look at Fever’s Discover page and book your experience now to save $25 off of the ticket price.

How to redeem your Discover vouchers with Fever

To redeem your Discover voucher and save money on the ticket price, follow these simple steps on the webpage:

  1. Select the event or experience you would like to attend.
  2. Choose your date and session, then click ”Get It” to proceed to payment.
  3. Add your Discover NSW voucher number to the field marked ”Voucher Code” and click ”Apply”.
  4. Your voucher will then be redeemed and $25 will be subtracted from your order.
  5. Proceed to pay any remaining amount of your purchase by adding your payment details and pressing ”Pay Now”.
  6. Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming the purchase and your tickets will appear in the “Tickets section” of the Fever app.

If you redeem your voucher but are unable to complete a purchase for any reason, the redemption will be voided and your Discover NSW voucher will be available for use once again! However, you might have to wait up to 15 minutes for your voucher to un-redeem itself in the system

And remember, you’ll need to use your voucher before 31 August 2021.

You said we could buy Fever Open Tickets with our vouchers

Yes! You can redeem your Discover voucher for Fever Open Candlelight Tickets. They’re valid for two years, so you can make good use of your Discover voucher before it expires on 31 August but experience the magic of Candlelight at a later date of your choosing. For more info on Candlelight Open Tickets, see here

To purchase Open Candlelight Tickets, click here.

Help! My voucher is not being accepted

Your voucher code will automatically be rejected in the following circumstances:

  1. The voucher has already been redeemed.
  2. You have already redeemed a voucher of the same type on the same day.
  3. The voucher does not match the type of experience being purchased (i.e. it is a Dine voucher being used for a Discover experience).
  4. The voucher code has been entered incorrectly.
  5. The voucher has expired.

Please check your voucher type and code. If issues persist, please contact the Fever support team. 

Now, get to using all those vouchers!

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