Live At Yours Pairs World-Class Musicians With City Venues For Intimate And Unique Concerts

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Live At Yours Pairs World-Class Musicians With City Venues For Intimate And Unique Concerts

Australia, and Sydney in particular, has no shortage of talented, award-winning and world-renowned musicians. But thanks to Live At Yours, you can now see them perform in the most unlikely of places.

Take a look below at the upcoming performances scheduled at Mecca Café and Roastery, as well as The Great Synagogue and The Independent for intimate and unique performances throughout the summer and beyond.

Live At Mecca

La Bohéme – Songs and Duets of Love

Love, loss and all the feels of a relationship will fill Mecca Cafe when Eleanor Lyons and Andrew Goodwin perform songs from La Bohéme—the opera classic and one of the most revered works to grace the stage. Detailing the relationship between Rodolfo and Mimì, it has and continues to captivate audiences around the world since its first showing in 1896.

The soprano and tenor will enchant and leave those in the crowd longing for their own as they go from arias to duets and back again. Accompanied by Siro Battaglin, the well-respected and inspirational pianist, prepare for an intimate and tender evening of song.

Please note that this Live At Mecca performance does not include food or drink in the ticket price. Subsequently, guests may use an NSW Discover voucher to receive $25 off of the price of their purchase. 

When: Sunday 30 January, 6pm

Both standing and seated tickets are available for this evening of love songs.

Hopeless Romantics and Quartets

The Winther Quartet makes an appearance for a performance of masterworks by Mozart and Tchaikovsky in March but the soaring melodies in the evocative compositions will also be accompanied by stories of the composers and their time creating these pieces.

But that’s not all you’ll get to hear when four of Sydney’s finest string musicians pluck and rub their instruments as the quartet will also recite an unsung masterpiece by Fanny Mendelssohn (Felix Mendelssohn’s older sister).

When: Sunday 6 March, 6pm

We’ll all be Hopeless Romantics when the Winther Quartet takes to the stage. performance space for Live at Yours at Mecca cafe

The Psychedelic Cello

On this Sunday evening performance, cellist Richard Narroway will be joined by pianist Vatche Jambazian. Together, they will play the whimsical Debussy sonata before moving onto the electrically charged Shostakovich Cello sonata.

However, these two compositions follow Narroway’s solo performances of the Bach cello suite, for which he has received great critical acclaim, as well as Melbourne-based composer Tilman Robinson’s psychedelic work for cello and electronics.

Both musicians are sought-after performers around the world and the meeting of the two is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

When: Sunday 3 April, 6pm

Witness the psychedelic cello come to life at this intimate performance.

Bach to Bolling

Principal cellist and section leader for Opera Australia Teije Hylkema will combine with the Black Tulip Jazz Trio for an evening of Bach with an exceptional jazz twist.

Titled Bach to Bolling, the evening will see a Bach Suite for cello solo contrasted with a movement from Claude Bolling’s Suite for Cello that will result in an enchanting evening of musical magic.

When: Sunday 1 May, 6pm

Don’t miss out on this meeting of classical and jazz at Mecca in May.

Live At The Independent

To be announced…

Live At The Great

Umberto Clerici and Konstantin Shamray

When it comes to stunning venues in Sydney there are few places that can compare with The Great Synagogue. Believed by many to be the most beautiful synagogue in Australia, its stunning stained glass windows, intricate tilework and star-studded ceiling makes any performance within its hall a memorable experience.

After already hosting one sold-out event in June, on this occasion The Great will make space for two multi-award-winning and globally recognised classical soloists: cellist Umberto Clerici, who is only the second Italian to ever walk away with the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, and pianist Konstantin Shamray, the first-place winner and recipient of the People’s Choice at The Sydney in 2008.

These two virtuosos will combine to perform compositions from the great musical romanticism of Rachmaninov and Bruch which will enchant and charm you beneath the stars of The Great.

When: Wednesday 16 February, 7pm

Don’t miss out on this stunning concert.

Live At Yours

Live At Yours’ events are curated by expert Australian conductor Vladimir Fanshil who has in the past worked with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and the Orchestre Nacional D’Ile De France.

By pairing artists with galleries, cafes and other contemporary venues for intimate concert experiences, Sydneysiders are afforded the unique opportunity to experience these supremely talented musicians and some of history’s greatest music in settings that were previously unthought of.

Live the magic of classical music up close and get your tickets today.

Live at the Great: Umberto Clerici and Konstantin Shamray

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