Buy Open Candlelight Tickets With Your NSW Discover Voucher And Experience The Magic At A Later Date

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Buy Open Candlelight Tickets With Your NSW Discover Voucher And Experience The Magic At A Later Date

Experience concerts by Candlelight with your NSW Discover vouchers and save!

Update: Due to the lockdown, the NSW Government has once again extended the Dine and Discover program and it will now expire on 31 August.

Candlelight concerts in Sydney have been a huge hit since launching and have continued to enchant.

Not only have Sydneysiders been able to experience the classical sounds of Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi and Mozart in a new light, but they’ve also been able to enjoy the music of jazz greats like Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone, contemporary composers like Ludovico Einaudi, and magical movie soundtracks as well.

If so far you have missed out on experiencing the intimate atmosphere of the Candlelight music concerts in Sydney, then you’re in luck as more tickets and shows have become available including more candlelit concerts for jazz, pop, anime and…drumroll…QUEEN too.

And now you can get $25 off of your Candlelight ticket price by using one of your Discover vouchers. Winning!

But, what if you’re not so sure when you can attend a Candlelight concert?

Open Candlelight Tickets

You can now also use your Discover voucher to purchase Open Candlelight Tickets. That means you could experience the magic of Candlelight for up to two years after the purchase date for as little as $5.

Yes, a fiver. Just five buckaroonies. A Galah. All you need to do is purchase an Open Candlelight Ticket before 31 August, which is when your Discover vouchers expire, and then redeem it for any Candlelight event in Sydney at a later date via the Candlelight website.

It will be valid for all future concerts as well, so just imagine what other famed artists or styles of music will get the Candlelight treatment. Or, you could wait for summer to roll around again and experience Candlelight under the night sky. This is happening so put your unused Discover vouchers to good use today.

Your NSW Discover voucher would best be used to get a discount on the best seats in the house. So, why not put the government’s $25 towards the premium seats (Zone A) and experience Candlelight with front-row seats for $50. Apply the Discover voucher discount to Zone B and your ticket will cost $35 while Zone C tickets will be slashed to just $20.

Even still, if all you’ve got to spare is a fiver, then grab the Zone D ticket today and Fever will let you upgrade later on.

How to redeem your Discover voucher for Open Candlelight Tickets

To redeem your Discover voucher and save money on the ticket price, follow these simple steps on the webpage:

  1. Select your preferred Zone seating.
  2. Click ”Get It” to proceed to payment.
  3. Add your Discover NSW voucher number to the field marked ”Voucher Code” and click ”Apply”.
  4. Your voucher will then be redeemed and $25 will be subtracted from your order.
  5. Proceed to pay any remaining amount of your purchase by adding your payment details and pressing ”Pay Now”.
  6. Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming the purchase and your tickets will appear in the “Tickets section” of the Fever app.

But remember, you’ll need to use your voucher before 31 August 2021.

These Candlelight concerts, as performed by some of Sydney’s most talented musicians at some of the most stunning locations across the city—The Mint, The Maritime Museum and St Stephen’s Uniting Church to name just a few—have bathed audiences in the light of hundreds of candles and left them wowed. Now, it can be your turn for as little as a fiver.

Don’t miss out and get your Open Candlelight Tickets now.

Open Candlelight Tickets

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