NSW Residents Can Score $100 Lunch Vouchers For Dining And Entertainment In The CBD

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NSW Residents Can Score $100 Lunch Vouchers For Dining And Entertainment In The CBD

A Dine and Discover counterpart is already on the table.

Sydneysiders are being offered four $25 vouchers for Friday lunches in the Central Business District. Around 500,000 people will be eligible to receive these $100 vouchers which can only be spent on Fridays in the 2000 postcode. The scheme is similar to the recent Dine and Discover program although people will be able to use their vouchers together instead of separately unlike the Dine and Discover scheme.

It was recently announced that the Dine and Discover vouchers can now be used till July 31. The update came after news that thousands of vouchers have gone unclaimed only weeks before they were due to expire in June.

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“We have listened to businesses and know that it’s time to make Fridays fun again and ensure the Sydney CBD doesn’t just survive but thrives,” NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said while announcing the new pandemic stimulus plan.

The scheme, titled TGIF is expected to hit the floor sometime before the summers roll around although no specific details on dates have yet been released. The primary goal of the new scheme is to encourage people to start working from the office and dine out especially close to the weekend.

“It’s about making Friday’s fantastic and fun and at the same time helping the Sydney CBD which has been hit hardest by COVID with a reduction in CBD workers and the absence of overseas visitors for more than a year,” the NSW Treasurer added.

A similar initiative has been carried out by the Victorian Government in the form of FOMO Fridays.


Here is how you can get the vouchers

Similar to the Dine and Discover scheme, you can apply for the $100 vouchers through the Service NSW website or app.

The vouchers will then be sent to you if you meet the eligibility criteria. More information is due to be released soon.

What can you buy from the vouchers

You can spend the vouchers at any restaurant or venue with the postcode 2000. Much like the previous scheme, the vouchers cannot be spent on alcohol or gambling. But unlike the Dine & Discover scheme you can spend all 4 vouchers at once, thereby getting a $100 off on your bill. Both digital and non-digital vouchers will be accepted at eligible venues.

Watch this space for updates.

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