These Three Venues Are Doing More Than Just Talking Bout World Taco Day This Sunday

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These Three Venues Are Doing More Than Just Talking Bout World Taco Day This Sunday

There’s no point in an International Taco Day if tacos are not going to be celebrated.

And by celebrated, we mean sold to us at half price so that we can eat and eat and eat until our tummies are round and our bellies are bulging. (Featured image: @socalsydney_)

Luckily, there are two Sydney venues who have announced that they want to help us conceive a taco baby and the best part is that their taco specials are at different times. So, if you don’t get your taco fix at lunch, you can waddle across the harbour for round two. Sounds like a winning combination for a Sunday.

But before we get to the specials for this Sunday, where everyone who gets in early enough can be a winner, there’s a way you can win free tacos for an entire year.

Beach Burrito Co. x Jarritos

If what you want is free Beach Burrito Co. tacos for a year as well as free Jarritos sodas, then you’re going to need to follow both Instagram accounts as well as tag a mate in the comments. They say that this is a mate you want to party with, but we’re unsure if both of you get the free tacos and free sodas for the year, or if you’re going to have to share. Eating tacos isn’t quite the same as partying together. However, in this case, we’re willing to play along for free tacos.

Crowbar x Borrachos


First up, is the Crowbar and Borrachos Tacos collab that will see tacos slashed in price but not in quality for four hours. Between 12-4pm, the tacos will be coming out hot alongside $5 Teactes, $5 Tequilas, $5 Dos Equis Schooners, and $7 Micheladas. If you struggle to move after 4pm, all is good since the bar will remain open till 8pm. If, however, you’ve got room for more, then it’s time to move onto…


On the taco menu at SoCal, you will find the Baja Fish, the Smoked Brisket, the Pork, and the Tofu Taco and all four of them will be half-price from 4pm. But to help you eat your weight in taco goodness, SoCal’s infamous Tommy’s Margaritas will be available for just $12. You know what Monday is, don’t you? A public holiday.

To make sure you get a spot, it’s probably best to book ahead.

Can’t stuff your face with tacos this Sunday? Not to worry, Sydney’s got plenty of Taco Tuesday specials.

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