The CBD Cafe Of Waverley’s Gluten-Free Bakery Is Open Once Again · Wholegreen Bakery

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The CBD Cafe Of Waverley’s Gluten-Free Bakery Is Open Once Again · Wholegreen Bakery

Hip Hip Hooray! No longer do Sydney’s coeliacs need to trek out to Waverley for their gluten-free baked treats.

Going from strength to strength since it opened in 2014, Waverley’s Wholegreen Bakery has drummed up a loyal following of customers thanks to their delicious bread, croissants, pastries and sweet treats being absolutely delicious. And 100% gluten-free. That’s right. No gluten anywhere. Not in the products, not in the store and certainly not in the oven. So no cross-contamination at all. (Featured image: wholegreenbakery)

Although coeliac disease affects only 1% of the Australian population, the trials and tribulations of those seeking not only gluten-free alternatives but also tasty, scrumptious, mouth-watering substitutes are widely known. So trying and patience-testing is the search that nutritionist and mother Cherie Lyden decided enough was enough and set out to make her own.

Using less sugar and zero additives, as well as fresh, seasonal produce, Cherie Lyden’s drive to feed her daughter amazing and healthy food has led to an award-winning bakery and cafe in Waverley, and an even bigger space and even bigger menu in the CBD’s Alliance Francaise building on Clarence Street.

Who says love doesn’t conquer all?


At the CBD outpost, which closed temporarily but is now once again open for business, you will find all your favourites and more. From five varieties of bread (all of them vegan) to flaky and buttery croissants and Pain au Chocolat, it’s enough to make some people jump for joy and others cry.

There are tarts and cakes as well as savoury options for lunch, including sandwiches and slow-cooked beef and onion pies (among others). And then when you think you can’t have a beer to wash your food down, here comes Wholegreen’s to brighten your day with gluten-free beer and wine.

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