Take Care Of Number One With These Soundscape Sessions That Blend Science And Technology

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Take Care Of Number One With These Soundscape Sessions That Blend Science And Technology

Tune into a sound healing session and experience the benefits at home.

Music has the capacity to improve our mood which after weeks of lockdown is exactly what we’re in need of. But not all music is the same and not all sounds are equal.

This is why Marc Tomkinson, sound therapist and founder of Sydney’s BuddhaBar, is stepping forward and into the virtual realm to help us calm our minds with sound healing sessions.

If you haven’t heard of the Scientific Pitch, otherwise known as the Philosophical Pitch or Verdi tuning, then you’ve probably been listening to music in the standard 440 Hz. It’s not wrong, but it might not be the best. The lower frequency, which has had many famous proponents including Prince, is claimed to be nature’s frequency and listening to music at this lower level is said to be much more optimal.

It has also been tested in small surveys and the lower frequency has been found to decrease clinical anxiety levels while an Italian research paper found that the lower resonancy also slowed your heartbeat when compared to the standard 440 Hz. While more studies will be required, the general consensus of 432 Hz listeners is that they’re more focused when listening and more satisfied after listening.

Marc Tomkinson combines this with ancient rituals, instruments and technology to curate meditative soundscapes that will take listeners on a journey onto an optimal state of balance. The music will flow like a stream and will wash over you as you sit, listen and let yourself be carried away. 

For a profound and revitalising music experience to help you get through these tough times ahead, look to this virtual sound healing experience. It’s the perfect way to calm your mind.

See below for the upcoming session.

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