Scratch The Travel Itch With Virgin Australia’s Cheap As Flight Sale Ending In 24 Hours

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Scratch The Travel Itch With Virgin Australia’s Cheap As Flight Sale Ending In 24 Hours

The sale ends Friday night!

A sale this big was bound to happen. We just didn’t know when.

But now that we know, and now that it has begun, we can say that Virgin Australia’s Go Go Go You Good Thing Sale is better than anything we expected from our airlines. Then again, maybe it shouldn’t surprise us since they too have been feeling quite anxious, surely, from the lack of travel. (Featured image: John on Flickr)

It seems, though, that with the border restrictions easing across the country and the skies opening up, someone at Virgin Australia has shouted, Let’s fly! And then someone else drew a map of everywhere they could fly to.

So, Sydney, where are you flying to and how much is it gonna cost you?

The cheapest flight of the sale sees flights from Sydney to Ballina (Byron Bay) set you back $75 one way followed by a $79 fare to the Gold Coast. Fly to Brisbane for $89 or Canberra if you really want. Say hey to Melbs for $99, Launceston for $109 and Townsville for $169. Unless you’re choosing to fly Business Class, the most expensive flight is to Darwin for $199. Yeah, Perth is cheaper to get to at $169.


The fares are subject to availability, meaning that if you think too long you just might end up missing out. Thankfully, to ease our state of mind, Virgin Australia has extended flexible flying with no change fees on travel until 31 January 2021. Obviously, terms and conditions apply, like the travel periods you have to fly in. And although they’re different for each destination, they seem to be quite generous.

The sale ends on November 20 at 11:59pm.

Take a peek at all the offers over at the Virgin website and book your flight before somebody else does.

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