This New Chatswood Cafe Gives The Humble Toastie The Korean Treatment · Toastie Smith

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This New Chatswood Cafe Gives The Humble Toastie The Korean Treatment · Toastie Smith

Everybody has eaten a toastie before, but not everybody has tried a Korean toastie.

Korean gastronomic culture has a habit of taking a perfectly fine-as-it-is food and then elevating it to another glorious standard. We first saw it occur with Fatcaron, the bigger and thicker style Korean version of French macarons.

And now, the humble and no-nonsense toastie loved by millions of people worldwide has been updated and upgraded thanks to Toastie Smith.

Inspired by Korean-chain restaurant Isaac Toast, this new Chatswood cafe serving ten toastastic variations as well as coffees, smoothies and sodas has got lines of people waiting to get their hands and mouths around these bad boys.

With Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs making the toasties fresh to order and always warm and crispy, little needs to be said about why these toasties are soooooo good.

Take for example the Eggsmith, Toastie Smith’s signature item on the menu: a brioche bun (all the toasties are made with brioche buns) sandwiching together scrambled eggs, cheese, roasted sesame flavoured slaw, spicy tomato relish, sweet corn, fish roe, chives and chipotle.  And the traditional egg-and-bacon brekky roll gets the treatment too with Bacon My Heart. 


Other stand-outs include the Yakitori, Wagyu Beef Don, and Shrimp In The Egg. And if you’re not so keen on the egg in your toastie, then look to the Chicken Barbie or the Delish Fish to get your fix. Prices vary but no toastie will set you back more than $12.95.

Smoothies (mango, pear, chia seed, and pineapple) and sodas (rose lychee or lemonade) are made instore also and both cost $5.95.

So far, so good for Toastie Smith. Actually, things are more than good. They’re cracking along with a second venue set to open on the other side of the bridge on September 16 in Darling Square’s Maker’s Dozen precinct.

If you’re looking for a bigger feed than a toastie, maybe it’s time you try Okami, the all-you-can eat Japanese restaurant that has swept through Victoria and which is now expanding across Sydney.


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Practical information

8am - 5pm Daily
$7.95–$12.95 Toasties
$3.95–$4.50 Coffee
$5.95 Smoothies
$5.95 Sodas
Food & Drink