Korea’s Extra-Chunky Macarons Are Now Available At Five Sydney Locations • Fatcaron

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Korea’s Extra-Chunky Macarons Are Now Available At Five Sydney Locations • Fatcaron

Q: How do you make a macaron better?

A: You make it bigger and thicker.

In other words, you make ’em fat. And then call ’em fatcarons because in Korea that’s what they’re called and that’s where the idea to make them better came from.  (Featured image: @reinermarcphotography)

Koreans, having been introduced to macarons around 2014-2015 when three of France’s most famous dessert brands opened stores in Seoul, just weren’t okay with the thinly-spread cream of the traditional French variety. According to The Korea Herald’s Choi Ji-won, two of the three dessert brands – Laduree and Pierre Herme – shut down their Korean operations after only two years.

But where those brands failed, local patisseries adapted. Due to popular demand, fatcarons are triple the size of the originals and appear in outrageous flavours, often selling out before the end of the business day. They also often contain chunks of chocolate, fruit or other kinds of biscuits sandwiched elegantly between the two almond cookies.

And it seems that us Aussies love the Korean iteration too, with Sydney’s Fatcaron now selling their delicious treats from five locations around the city after having started out selling them as a hobby at Glebe Markets.

Now, Sydneysider’s are being treated to fabulously designed fatcarons. There’s even been Pikachus, Golden Gaytimes, and Air Jordans! Currently, they have vampires because, you know, Halloween.

Normally, though, there are something like fifty delicious flavours to taste so not only is there something for everyone, there’s multiple reasons to be going back. And in even better news, you can now order your own customised fatcarons but due to popular demand, you’re going to have to wait until January, 2021. They’re that good.

For those of you worried about your sugar intake, Fatcaron can tell you that theirs are made with 70% less sugar by using French meringue instead of Italian, and also choosing the best ingredients as opposed to the cheaper, more sugary varieties.


Otherwise, you can get them today from the following locations:

📍 Market City Haymarket

📍 World Square Sydney

📍 Stocklands Wetherill Park

📍 Burwood ChinaTown

📍 Macquarie Centre-Lvl 2

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