This New Sandwich Shop In Surry Hills Is Serving Some Seriously Delicious Sangas And Coffee • Theo’s Deli

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If you’re a food lover, you’re bound to be familiar with Tokki — a funky Japanese/Korean fusion eatery in Surry Hills or Marble in Barangaroo that slings some truly amazing Japanese cuisine. Now the team behind those beloved restaurants, along with other eateries like Sama Sama in Barangaroo and Kinhboy in Redfern have brought to us a brand new sandwich bar in Surry Hills — Theo’s Deli.

Theo’s Deli in Surry Hills

Located on Foveaux Street, the shop is understated but packs a solid punch with its many sandwich offerings.

Owner David Bae would visit his local milk bar to purchase his favourite steak sandwich cooked by the owner who affectionately went by the name of Uncle Theo. Bae now aims to evoke the same feelings of unbridled joy and nostalgia through his shop.

Taking a no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach, Bae wanted to bring back the classic sandwich and coffee combo in it’s glory. And the restaurant brings to the table exactly what it promises according to its brightly lit neon sign: sangas and coffee. Although seemingly simple, elements of the sandwiches have been carefully picked by Executive Chef Kevin Jeon.


Image credit: Supplied/Theo’s Deli

On offer are some tried and true favourites. Right from the Chicken Schnitty to the Tuna Melt, the thick sandwiches chock full of meat and delicious flavours will give you the hearty breakfast or lunch fix you desire. A highlight is the H.E.C (Ham, egg and cheese) which is Jeon’s lush, more elaborate version of a bacon and egg roll.

These comfort food treats promise to transport you straight to a happier time. Check out their Instagram page and give them a follow if you like what you see and plan a visit this weekend to get your hands on these delish sangas yourself.

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