Explore Secret Hallways Of The Opera House With This Chilling Late-Night Tour

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

Explore Secret Hallways Of The Opera House With This Chilling Late-Night Tour

Ready to get seriously spooked?

If you’re keen for a unique and eerie experience, you don’t have to look any further than a visit to Australia’s most iconic building. After an extremely successful first run, The House After Dark, a late-night, after-dark tour at the Opera House will be returning for a second innings. From May 27 to June 25, you can explore the hidden passages and corners of the Opera House in a ghostly setting. To add to the eerie experience, all the patrons, performers and staff will already have left the building, which means you’ll be all by your lonesome. If that doesn’t spook you enough, you will also be treated to ghost stories and fables that have haunted the venue for many a long year. You might even get up close and personal with some of the spirits that are said to linger within these famed hallways.

Credit/ Tarryn Myburgh via Unsplash

Here’s what you can expect. Every tour is roughly about 1.5 hours. Upon arrival, you will be met with delicious drinks and delectable dessert canapes. Tickets cost just $55 and there are only 10 people per tour for this unique experience. The tour runs on selected Wednesday and Saturday evenings from May 27 and is generally recommended for people over 18. Doors open at 10pm and attendees are requested to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tour.

Excited yet? Book your tickets here before they sell out.


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