10 Super Cool Things To Do In Sydney For Just Under $10

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

10 Super Cool Things To Do In Sydney For Just Under $10

Explore Sydney on a budget without breaking the bank.

Sydney’s not exactly a cheap city. But there is so much to see and do without burning a hole in your pocket. With winter around the corner, here’s a definitive list of Sydney staples that you can take advantage of for just under $10.

1. Try the most Instagrammed cake in the world at Blackstar Pastry

The iconic strawberry watermelon cake is both delicious and gorgeous, a real treat for your Instagram and taste buds and you can get a wholesome slice for just $9. You might think its a bit steep for a slice of cake, but its worth every penny.

2. Take a ferry to Manly and back

The Circular Quay to Manly ferry ride is one of the best ways to explore the Sydney Harbour. For just $9.90 you get to see some of the most iconic structures in the city up close and personal. The ride is especially beautiful around sunset with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge silhouette against the sun making for a stunning and classic shot.

3. Head over to Chinatown for some mouthwatering dumplings

There are so many amazing dumpling spots in Chinatown and they’re all equally amazing. Head over to Chinatown Noodle King or Chat Thai for a bite.

4. Try some of the best coffee in town at The Grounds

The Grounds of Alexandria is a good idea any time of the year. But especially so if you’re a coffee enthusiast. At just under $10 you can get your hands on their rich, buttery coffee in the city or an Alexandria.

5. Sweat it out at the No Lights, No Lycra weekly dance party

For anyone who loves breaking a sweat but is too conscious of doing so in public- No Lights, No Lycra present the perfect option. Every Thursday, the lights go off at their locations and attendees let loose to groovy dance numbers without any inhibitons. Its the perfect mid-week stress buster and costs only $10.


6. Explore a weekend market for some vintage knick-knacks and memorabilia

From vintage finds to vinyl records to exclusive memorabilia, Sydney market culture is a whole vibe and it’s highly unlikely you’ll go back hom empty handed. Check out our list of the brilliant markets in Sydney where you can grab a thing or two for as cheap as $10.

7. Enjoy live music and pizza at Frankie’s Pizza


If you’re a fan of live music, Frankie’s is the place to be. And you can also get a slice of their famous pizza for just $5. Win-win.

8. Watch a movie at Ritz Cinema

Watching a movie at the classic Ritz cinemas is an absolute staple for film buffs and cinema enthusiasts in the city. Even better, if you sign up and become a member, you just have to pay $10.

9. Plan a road trip to the Royal National Park

There is so much to do in the expansive Royal National Park that even locals who have grown up in the area end up stumbling upon hidden gems from time to time. This is another ‘Sydney under $10’ staple that must be experienced.

10. Find all the street art in the city 

Sydney has an interesting street art culture that has certainly taken a life of its own in recent times. Explore the hidden lanes and alleyways of our gorgeous town without spending a dime while you experience this tremendous talent.

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