6 Of The Most Brilliant Street Art Spots In Sydney

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6 Of The Most Brilliant Street Art Spots In Sydney

Spot some cool street art on your walk today.

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Street art is changing. In the best way possible. No longer a form of rebellion but an expression of art, there has been an influx of artists and muralists who have taken to the streets and brightened up our otherwise concrete walls. Sydney has a street art culture that is very… well, Sydney. Its simultaneously witty and laidback but also daring and edgy, it can be bold but fun. Here are some of the best suburbs around Sydney so you can keep an eye on the road on your next walk.

1. Newtown

The I Have A Dream mural in Newtown was created in 1991 by Juilee Pryor and Andrew Aiken recalling Martin Luther King’s iconic words. The inspiration behind it was a call to fight for Indigenous Australian rights. Most of Newtown is chockfull with murals and street art with nuanced and inspiring messages.

This suburb is brimming with creativity and is an absolute dream if you’re looking to liven up your Instagram feed.

2. Redfern

Street art and art in general has long been a significant part of Redfern’s fabric. With strong political undertones and equally reflective murals on life and everything in between, you only need to stroll down the streets of this radical suburb to soak in all the glorious creativity.

3. CBD

Not exactly a prime spot when it comes to graffiti, yet one of the finest and most popular murals in Sydney lies in the very epicentre of the city – that of aboriginal elder Jenny Munro painted by Matt Adnate. On the edge of Darling Harbour and minutes to Darling Square, it’s hard to miss.


4. Chippendale

Housing some of Sydney’s most popular and beloved art galleries, Chippendale has become quite the creative hub for Sydney of late. Fintan Magee and Scott Marsh are among the many artists whose incredible work you can spot on the streets.

5. St Peters

Specifically, May Lane in the suburb of St Peters. The whole street is soaked with colour and fun graffiti. The murals started back in 2010 by Tugi Balog who invited artists to paint the back alley of his framing business. Since then, the art murals have spread, attracting artists from around the globe.

6. Bondi

When it comes to street art in Sydney, The Sea Wall at Bondi is a must-see. It’s been in operation since the 1970s and features a host of modern and classic art with strong political and socio-economic messages. Another Bondi favourite is Glengarry the Gorilla by Mulga the Artist along with the quote ‘Sweet summer, stomach filler, this is an ice-cream, and I’m a gorilla.’

Other locations with stunning street art:




Surry Hills


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