9 Amazing Pizza Shops In Sydney With The Best Slices In Town

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

9 Amazing Pizza Shops In Sydney With The Best Slices In Town

Nothing beats a good pizza.

Pizza is one of those foods that everyone enjoys — and rightly so. Its also not as simple as it used to be, with Neapolitan, wood-fired, vegan options and many other contemporary variations to choose from. Thankfully, Sydney offers some truly gluttonous amount of very good pizza indeed. Here are some popular and some unsuspecting Sydney pizza shops we highly recommend.

1. Lucio Pizzeria

If you’re after authentic Neapolitan pizza, you’ll want to head straight to Lucio Pizzeria. You’ll also find pasta, antipasti, and desserts along with the pizzas. Lucio is famed for creating some of the best authentic pizzas in town and the menu is strictly classical and the ‘Lucio’ which is a half margherita and half calzone creation is a must-try.

2. Bella Bruta

Bella Bruta translates to ‘beautiful, ugly’ in Italian, a meaning the pizzeria takes very seriously. The pizzas are somewhat unevenly shaped and the crusts are somewhat blistered, but the flavour as delectable as it gets. The creative toppings especially will have you wanting more. Simple and classical as the pizzas may be, lacking in taste they definitely are not.

3. Gigi Pizzeria

Another Newtown gem, Gigi Pizzeria dishes out thin, fluffy and flavourful plant-based pizzas. Long considered an institution when it comes to vegetarian pizzas, if you can’t imagine your pizza without cheese, we encourage you to give Gigi Pizzeria a shot — there’s a reason there’s always a queue outside the Sydney pizza place (pre-lockdown times).

4. Westwood Pizza

Let’s just crown Newtown the pizza capital of Sydney? Westwood Pizza’s woodfire pizza is one to reckon with. The pizzeria prides itself for its simplicity and using sustainable Aussie-grown ingredients. If planning a visit in the future, their mushroom pizza and garlic-honey pizza comes highly recommended.

5. Via Napoli


Home to the meter-long pizza, the chefs at Via Napoli are masters at nailing the Neapolitan pizza. Baked in a wood-fired, domed oven at 485°C for no more than 60 to 90 seconds, the pizzas are as close to perfection as you’ll get around town. Another reason to visit, their décor is sublime and bears a striking resemblance to the streets of Naples. Pizza Fritta — a deep-fried folded pizza stuffed with buffalo ricotta, mozzarella, cacciatore and pepper is a personal favourite.

6. Happy as Larry

Starting out as a food trucky, Happy as Larry got so much love from the locals that they started a permanent restaurant in the heart of the CBD. It has since grown to be one of the most loved pizza shops in the city. The pizzeria also offers a chance at scoring some fresh pasta sauces and lasagnes from their pantry. Their healthy bowls and fresh pasta platters are must-try’s.

7. Rosso Pomodoro

This tiny shop is a loud and energetic dining experience with long queues and staff yelling out orders. Don’t go expecting any Australian toppings at Rosso Pomodoro — the toppings are strictly Italian. The base is thin and crispy and the crust nice and bubbled. Pro tip — you’ll want to leave some room for the Nutella Calzone.

8. Vacanza

This Surry Hills institution dishes out some seriously delicious pizza with eight pizze on the menu that can be ordered bianchi or rosso, they follow the less is more school of thought and do so exceptionally well. Vacanza also serve, arguably, the best Margherita in the city.

9. Frankie’s

Frankie’s is a Sydney pizza experience you can’t miss. This underground bar made news earlier this year when it was announced that the pizzeria was getting demolished to make way for a new metro. Nonetheless, this rock ‘n’ roll hotspot has some of the best pizza in town and if you’ve lived in Sydney, you likely have a Frankie’s story to tell. For just $6 a slice you can score some seriously authentic Italian pizza but its always the experience of the hardcore music, dazzling lights and delectable pizza that shines through.

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