This Is Where You Can Hit Speeds Of 200km/h Plus In Sydney Without Breaking The Law · Sydney Motorsport Park

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This Is Where You Can Hit Speeds Of 200km/h Plus In Sydney Without Breaking The Law · Sydney Motorsport Park

The only rule on the track is no overtaking on a corner.

You used to be able to speed around Oran Park, Amaroo and Catalina but those days are long gone. Thankfully, there is still one place where Sydneysiders with a need for speed can still punch the throttle and hit top speeds in their own car. And that’s at Sydney Motorsport Park on the Gardner GP circuit, more commonly known as the Eastern Creek Raceway. (Featured image: Driving Solutions)

Thanks to Driving Solutions, any licensed driver (minimum red P-plate) can jump in any road-registered vehicle and drive around the Eastern Creek Raceway on one of their track nights which started last November.

Four hours of adrenaline-pumping exhilaration will set drivers back $275, which, although might sound steep, is still cheaper (and much safer) than speeding among Sydney’s streets.

Do remember, though, that you will be guzzling a heap of petrol so $275 will be the least you will be forking out. Then think about tyres and brakes and this could be turning into one expensive hobby. Even still, we think it’s worth it for a place to speed safely.

A maximum of 75 cars can take part each Tuesday night under the lights, regardless of the weather, with the drivers split up into three categories—Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced—and speeding around the 3.9km circuit in fifteen-minute alternating sessions. Beginners are considered to be people who have attended less than three Track Nights.


To further ensure safety, all drivers must be wearing an Australian standard AS1698 helmet as well as clothing that reaches the wrists and ankles. Flat, closed-toe footwear must also be worn.

Cars—whether they are exotic or not—must be roadworthy and drivers are required to have the correct oil and water levels and a full tank of fuel before beginning. Also, no passengers allowed so out on the track it’s just you and your car. Can you handle the speed on your own? There’s only one way to find out.

It should go without saying, don’t be a dickhead either. You will be kicked off the track.

For more info on Track Nights at Sydney Motorsport Park as well as booking, see here.

If you’re not up to speeding around a real race track just yet, check out Entertainment Park’s 3500-square-metre karting track.

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