25 Stunning Sydney Backdrops To Glam Up Your Instagram

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25 Stunning Sydney Backdrops To Glam Up Your Instagram

Pack up your camera and get ready to post some amazing pics on your socials.

Thanks to all the magnificent harbour views, cobblestone streets, glittering skyline and drop-dead gorgeous beaches, Sydney makes for the ideal Instagram backdrop. You really can’t lose. But there are some locations that are so beautiful that they leave nothing to want. Go on and explore these backdrops for that perfect Instagram grid. (Featured image: Jenny Yang via Unsplash.)

1. Angel Place

This hidden little laneway is an absolute dream Instagram location. It’s so hidden, if you don’t look super close you might miss it.

2. Wynyard Station

Talking of beautiful stations, Wynyard takes the top spot. It’s an absolute dream to walk around in (if you manage to escape the maddening crowds of course.)

3. Newtown

Every street at Newtown is gorgeous, and its beauty is only amplified by all the art and graffiti on its walls.

4. The University Of Sydney

As close to Hogwarts as it gets Down Under, this location is the perfect backdrop for just about any event.

5. Carriageworks

Theatrical, dramatic, artsy, vintage whatever vibe you’re going for- Carriageworks is the place to be.

6. Clovelly Beach

Calm and pristine, this beach is also not the most crowded in Sydney which makes it a great spot for an uninterrupted photoshoot.

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7. Cuppa Flower

There’s no dearth of Instagrammable cafes in Sydney but we especially love Cuppa Flower with its floral aesthetic and chill vibe.

8. The Calyx

Another spot for anyone who loves a bit of floral in their pictures, at The Calyx you will find a whole explosion of colours and flowers.

9. Cremorne Point

All of Cremorne Point is photogenic, you can take a picnic and have a relaxing day there or find the bridge that makes for an epic Instagram post.

10. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Arguably the best location to spot the iconic duo- The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House all in one glorious frame, you literally cannot go wrong here.

11. Jervis Bay

Sand so white, you’ll need glasses and water so blue you can see what’s about to eat you- although Jervis Bay is a bit further away from Sydney, it’s well worth the trip.

12. Bennelong

Dining at Bennelong is as unique an experience as it gets. So is taking a picture inside the iconic structure.

13. Hornby Lighthouse


Speaking of gorgeous locations, this iconic red and white striped tower is gorgeous from any angle and surrounded by overall amazing views.

14. Eagles Head Rock, Royal National Park

Eagles Head Rock is not easy to get to, but the hike is totally worth it.

15. Vivid Sydney

Okay this isn’t exactly a location but is there any event that will make your feed pop quite like Vivid? The answer to that is always no.

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16. Hyde Park

The second best thing about Hyde Park is the respite it offers despite being in the very heart of the city, the best thing of course is how stunning it looks any time of the day or night.

17. Diamond Bay

We love a good hidden spot in the city and Diamond Bay is one beautiful escape despite being in the centre of Vaucluse. You’ll want to tread carefully here, it can be a bit dodgy to get to.

18. Pitt Street (during Christmas)

Pitt street is a busy street in the CBD but it turns into a magical laneway during Christmas with thousands of lights cascading from the sky.

19. Shangri-La Sydney

This luxury hotel offers a dreamy sunset view of the harbour and city views as far as the eye can see.

20. Green Square Library

An Instagram hotspot already, this colourful wall is a genuine must-visit if you want to glam up your feed.

21. Queen Victoria Building

One for history and architecture lovers, this building is soaked in Roman-esque vibes and a great Instagram backdrop all year round.

22. Manly Wormhole

Another hidden gem, you’ll want to get this picture just to brag to your mates about this perfect Insta-shot.

23. Paddington Reservoir

This heritage-listed public park is a gorgeous retreat boasting of some historic architecture, it’s a must-visit in Sydney.

24. Mcdougall Street, Kirribilli

Have you even lived in Sydney if you haven’t visited Mcdougall Street during Jacaranda season? Its an absolute feast for the eyes – and for your Instagram.

25. Bondi

If there’s only one beach you can visit: Bondi is it. Pretty much every wall and every turn is photogenic but the icebergs always make for a resplendent capture.

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