Sydney’s Gay Penguin Couple Have Hatched A Second Chick And We Couldn’t Be More Proud

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Sydney’s Gay Penguin Couple Have Hatched A Second Chick And We Couldn’t Be More Proud

Proving that the first time was no fluke, Sphen and Magic have done it again.

Not content with just the one child, and possibly a little sad that their baby Lara has moved out and is starting her own family, Sphen and Magic have hatched a second egg this last month and are now proud dads to a second baby Gentoo penguin. (Featured image: @itookthose)

If you don’t remember, Sphen and Magic’s relationship began to blossom in 2018. Soon after, they were inseparable — going for swims together and then collecting stones together in order to build their nest.

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At the time, the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium spokesperson revealed that same-sex couples in the animal world are a lot more common than we realise.

”Penguins, including Gentoo Penguins, are among the many species in which male-male or female-female pairing occur frequently and we are fortunate to have our own male-male pair – Sphen and Magic – here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.”


Sphen and Magic’s second baby chick hatched alongside other Gentoo penguins in Sealife’s Sub-Antarctic Zone.

Despite Lara’s young age, also nicknamed Sphengic, she too attempted to hatch an egg with her partner. However, this year they were unsuccessful but will surely try again. When they do, who knows, Sphen and Maciv could be grandads! Wouldn’t that be cute?

Penguin Fun Fact: Penguins’ reproductive organs form internally, meaning the biological sex can only be known following a blood test. So, gender roles aren’t a thing in their world, which means that both parents share equal responsibility of raising young, building and maintaining the nest.

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