Watch As Penguins Roam Freely Around An Aquarium After It Was Closed To The Public

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Watch As Penguins Roam Freely Around An Aquarium After It Was Closed To The Public

There’s plenty of action and adventure going on behind closed doors at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.

And thanks to the dedicated staff of caretakers and veterinarians, the aquarium has come up with the goods to keep people at home the world over smiling, despite the forced closures of restaurants, bars, and other cultural institutions we so desperately crave. (Featured image: @shedd_aquarium)

The Shedd’s first tweet, the beginning of the penguin adventure titled Penguins In The Amazon?! and Wellington’s initial introduction, has already racked up more than 2M views on Twitter with many swooning and asking for more.

The second installment, dosed out in three parts, presents Annie and Edward, a bonded pair of rockhopper penguins. This adorable pair will remain together for the entirety of the mating season—which just so happens to begin next week—and, yes, of course, the caretakers will be digitally covering the nest-building phase of their relationship. We’re hoping for a live stream.

And though seeing penguins roaming around might be strange for us at home, Shedd Aquarium iterates that their caretakers are constantly ‘providing new experiences for the animals to explore and express their natural behaviours’. And of course, they celebrate birthdays too.

Not to be outdone by Annie, Edward and Wellington, Oregon Zoo is also getting in on the action. Take a look at their gorgeous pandas!

 And their crazy otters!

It must be said that Wellington was our first love, but since his first appearance, we haven’t seen him again. However, Shedd Aquarium have promised he will be taking the stage in the future — and who knows what other creative activities his caretakers can think of?

If you have any animal updates you’d like to see or any ideas for penguin adventures, get in touch with Shedd Aquarium (@shedd_aquarium) and tell them what you want!

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