Toby ‘Taco King’ Wilson Is Back With The Tacos But This Time It’s Different · Ricos Tacos

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Toby ‘Taco King’ Wilson Is Back With The Tacos But This Time It’s Different · Ricos Tacos

When one taqueria closes, another one opens.

But this time the taqueria is a taco truck in a Rosebery carpark.

Toby Wilson of Ghostboy Cantina and Taco King fame found himself one kitchen short in March when The George in Waterloo closed its doors. But thanks to Gelato Messina, Toby’s now got a kitchen on wheels from where he’ll be slinging three types of tacos meant to be eaten on the side of the road, which is perfect since Ricos Tacos will be parked permanently in Gelato Messina’s Rosebery carpark. (Featured image: @ricostacotruck)

Ricos Tacos, spanish for tasty tacos, will focus on perfecting the flavours of the three varieties on offer. The first is the ‘chorizo al pastor’ which sees housemade chorizo, potato, the al pastor salsa, and the al pastor staple of pineapple. A Jalisco-style braised beef with red salsa is the second offering and a vegan cauliflower rounds out the taco options. Black beans and rice as well as nachos and salsa are also available on the menu with a cashew and malt horchata (a drink made from rice, nuts, sugar, cinnamon and condensed milk) standing out on the drinks menu.


Speaking to Broadsheet, Toby Wilson says that they’ve ”circumnavigated some of the issues around having a food truck by staying in one place,” which means that to get your Ricos Tacos you’re going to have to pay Toby a visit in the Gelato Messina carpark from Thursday through to Sunday. Some tables will be available for seating but these handheld tacos are good enough to be eaten upright.

Hopefully, the precarious rental and lease situations around the city will soon see regulations surrounding food trucks eased so that permits are much simpler in attaining and more financially appealing for operators. After all, dining outside is now on the up for summer.

Can’t wait for Thursday to get your taco fix? No worries. Check out our list of taco Tuesday favourites.

Practical information

Thursday: 5pm-9pm Friday: 12pm-9pm Saturday: 12pm-9pm Sunday: 12pm- 4pm
Tacos: $6
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