Qantas Aims To Resume International Travel Before The End Of The Year

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Qantas Aims To Resume International Travel Before The End Of The Year

Albeit with countries that have high vaccination rates.

While some of us were able to sneak in a trip to our neighbours across the Tasman, travelling overseas has been a dream for many since the start of the pandemic. We’ve constantly been receiving updates from authorities as the situation has progressed. From flights resuming last year, then May and then October this year to being warned about needing to be vaccinated by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and then being told we’ll need a vaccination certificate to be able to fly by the PM, it’s been a rollercoaster.

Now we’ve gotten word that Qantas and Jetstar are still keen on opening up international travel this December. However, the destinations in mind have been reduced so as to only factor in countries with high vaccination rates, including Singapore, Japan, the US, the UK, Canada and Fiji.

“Key markets like the UK, North America and parts of Asia have high and increasing levels of vaccination. This makes them highly likely to be classed as low risk countries for vaccinated travellers to visit and return from under reduced quarantine requirements, pending decisions by the Australian Government and entry policies of other countries,” said Qantas.

“This creates a range of potential travel options that Qantas and Jetstar are now preparing for. While COVID has shown that circumstances can change unexpectedly, the long lead times for international readiness means the Group needs to make some reasonable assumptions based on the latest data to make sure it can offer flights to customers as soon as they become feasible.”


The government decisions refer to the roadmap out of Covid and the vaccination rates we need to hit so as to open up our borders once again. To help us hit that 80% target, Qantas is offering us free flights and discounts among other special offers to fully-vaccinated Australians, which is making good on their promise from earlier on in the year.


For more info on Qantas’ strategy for restarting international travel, take a look here.

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