Australia Could Soon Form A Travel Bubble With Singapore

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

Australia Could Soon Form A Travel Bubble With Singapore

Hopeful holidaymakers listen up!

The Singaporean and Australian governments are in talks to allow a quarantine-free travel bubble between both countries this summer.

If it comes into effect, it would mean that residents in both countries could travel freely between the two. It has been reported that a COVID-19 vaccination is vital for travel and the travel bubble will happen in July 2021. This means that Singapore will be the first country that Australia establishes international travel with since we closed our borders last year. As previously reported, New Zealanders have been able to travel to Australia but not the other way around.

At present, travellers wanting to visit Singapore must apply for a COVID-19 covering travel insurance (which is hard to get), complete bundles of paperwork and apply for a free Air Travel Pass (ATP) before arrival.


With Qantas and Jetstar having announced that they will be selling flights for October, this might be the time to start booking.

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