Get Healthy Lockdown Boxes Filled With Delicious Sweet Treats Delivered To Your Door

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

Get Healthy Lockdown Boxes Filled With Delicious Sweet Treats Delivered To Your Door

Plant Baked by Emma serves exciting plant-based treats.

One thing is for certain — there has never been a better time to eat healthier and its never been easier to find exciting vegan dishes in Sydney. Emma Laskey started an exciting new online business — Plant Baked by Emma in May 2020 which has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to her intentional, healthy and delicious menu.

If you’re looking to beat the lockdown blues, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these plant-based, excellent desserts. The best part — all products are gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free.

As part of a special lockdown treat, because God knows we need it, you can order in specially curated and exclusive lockdown boxes without feeling guilty about lockdown binge-eating (we’ve all been there).

The lockdown snack boxes come in two sizes, each with a carefully curated and brilliant selection of absolutely lush plant-based baked treats. If you’re feeling something of a mid-week slump, get yourself a box, slip into your PJs and escape the garbage fire events of the outside world just for a bit.


The treat box costs just $30 and comes with 2 slices of banana bread, a sweet muffin, 1 chocolate chip cookie, 1 cranberry oat cookie and 1 chocolate fudge brownie. Absolute bargain.

You can also get your hands on the luxe box which costs a bit more at $50 but you get your money’s worth with 2 savoury muffins, 2 sweet muffins, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 2 cranberry oat cookies and 2 chocolate fudge brownies on offer. Guess we know what we’re doing when the weekend rolls around.

Even more incentive to get your hands on these special lockdown boxes — you get free delivery if you live in and around the Eastern Suburbs, for this week only.

If we’ve managed to pique your interest, head over to their Instagram account and give them a follow.

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