NSW’s Roadmap Out Of Lockdown: All The Changes Coming At 80 Per Cent Double Dose Coverage

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NSW’s Roadmap Out Of Lockdown: All The Changes Coming At 80 Per Cent Double Dose Coverage

It’s official — NSW will be reopening soon.

In the 11am press conference today, Premier Gladys Berejiklian officially confirmed that the NSW lockdown will end once the 80 per cent vaccination target is met — anticipated to be October 24. She also revealed a full breakdown of all the changes that are coming as the roadmap out of lockdown to reopen NSW was unveiled.

“I know people are counting down the minutes until we reach 70-percent double-dose and the freedoms that will provide, and today we are providing further certainty by announcing the 80-percent roadmap and future settings,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said

According to the roadmap out of lockdown, the first batch of freedoms will occur the Monday after the state reaches a vaccination rate of 70 per cent with double doses.

The second batch of freedoms will occur after 80 per cent of residents have been fully vaccinated.

NSW will go into a third stage of reopening on December 1 when the state is expected to hit 90 per cent double dose coverage.

Here are all the details for when the state reaches the 80 per cent milestone

Will family visits be allowed?  

Yes. Once the state reaches 80 per cent vaccination, family visits of up to ten visitors in one household will be allowed. 20 people can gather together in outdoor settings.

Will retail reopen? 

Retail will open but some protocols are likely to remain in place including one person per four square metres indoors. Non vaccinated people can access critical retail through click and collect only. Bookings will be allowed for up to 20 people per class.

Gyms will also reopen with a capacity of 20 people per class.

What about entertainment facilities? 

Up to 500 people can attend controlled (ticketed and seated) events. Libraries, galleries and museums can operate with one person per 4 sqm.

Nightclubs and amusement centres will remain closed.

Will lockdowns end forever? 

If there is another outbreak and a surge in cases, some restrictions could return.

Will travel be allowed? 

Unrestricted trips between Greater Sydney and Regional NSW will be allowed. Interstate travel will depend on other states easing restrictions and meeting vaccination targets.

Caravan parks and camping grounds can reopen and carpooling will be allowed.

Will masks still need to be worn?


Yes, masks will continue to remain mandatory in indoor settings, public transport, in retail and business settings including airports and on planes. Masks don’t need to be worn when out on a walk.

What about weddings and funerals? 

For weddings, one person per 4sqm (uncapped) with dancing permitted and eating and drinking will be allowed while standing.

One person per 4sqm (uncapped) can attend funerals.

Will churches reopen?

Churches will reopen, subject to one person per four-square-metre rule. No singing will be allowed. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be allowed.

When will international travel resume? 

There is no fixed date as to when the borders will officially open for international travel although tentatively it could return in December.

When will schools reopen? 

October 25 is the date when teachers and students can return to school.

What about the cinema and concerts?

Indoor entertainment venues will be subject to 75 per cent seated capacity or the four-square-metre rule.


While we wait for the roadmap out of lockdown to come into effect, all Australians aged 16-39 can now access the Pfizer vaccine. Find more information here.

There are also several walk-in vaccination clinics across Sydney that are offering free AstraZeneca vaccinations to anyone aged 18 and above.

Find out more about where and how you can get a COVID-19 vaccination here.

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