NSW Records Lowest Number Of Covid-19 Cases Since August

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NSW has also officially flattened the curve.

The home-stretch to reopening is around the corner. And things are finally looking up for NSW. The state has today recorded its lowest daily total of 608 locally acquired cases in over seven weeks. Its also the fourth day in a row with numbers lower than 700 covid cases indicating that the situation is improving.

85,642 Covid-19 tests were reported on Monday.

“We’re seeing a decline in case numbers in recent days, but we’ve also seen a slight decline in testing,” NSW Health’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty said while encouraging people to be on the lookout for covid symptoms and continue to get tested.

NSW’s vaccination rates

The high number of vaccination rates are largely being attributed to this positive shift in covid cases in NSW.

88.5 per cent of NSW’s eligible population is now vaccinated by one dose and the state’s vaccination target of 70 per cent double vaxxed could be met in the next 2 day with more than 67.5 per cent of adults over the age of 16 now fully vaccinated.


What’s next

Once the 70 per cent double dose number is reached, the state will begin reopening. As of now October 11 is the anticipated date but new premier Dominic Perrottet said earlier today that reviewing the state’s roadmap out of lockdown would be his first priority.

“I will sit down with Minister Hazzard and the health team alongside Minister Ayres and members of the crisis cabinet to have a discussion in relation to the road map, but obviously, this is early days and we have done so well and my intention at this stage is that (opening) day will remain on Monday for next week, but there are a number of issues that need to be looked at,” he said.

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