This Café In Haymarket Serves Indonesian Comfort Food With A Delightful Twist • Kusuka Café

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This Café In Haymarket Serves Indonesian Comfort Food With A Delightful Twist • Kusuka Café

Warm, cosy and creative — Kusuka Café packs a real punch.

Kusuka means ‘I like’ or ‘I love’ in Bahasa. Exactly the emotion this quaint little café evokes when you dine here. Located in the heart of Haymarket, the café provides a much-needed escape away from the bustling and busy precinct of Darling Harbour.

Cosy and welcoming, the café boasts of interiors which are simultaneously neat and elegant with a pop of neon on the walls and fairy lights galore to give it a charming quality. On warmer days, its best to dine al fresco underneath the radiant, neon-fuelled artwork and take in the atmosphere of the area.

The real winner, however, is the food which is both innovative and delicious.

The rissole, a classic Indonesian snack, is enclosed in pastry or rolled in breadcrumbs and traditionally baked or deep fried. Filled with flavour and a wholesome aroma, this is the perfect snack to start off with. Their signature fried rice — the nasi goreng is replete with kerupuk crackers and delectable chicken schnitzel strips. Another must-have is the hungry bowl which is a large serve of mi-goreng along with chicken and homemade chili matah and goodness of every kind. Despite the many elements, the flavour remains perfectly balanced.

Of the drinks, we highly recommend the popular Kusuka pink latte — a rich, flavourful latte with notes of berries and watermelon. The genesis 12 is a drink that Instagram enthusiasts will instantly gravitate towards. A pink-purple hued drink which transforms into a glittering pick-me-up once shaken, this drink is as delicious as it is beautiful.


The royalty soda — a blend of lychee and refreshing calamansi in a jar is a zesty delight. If you prefer a hot cup of joe to go with this weather, we recommend the kopi tubruk, a traditionally brewed coffee which is delicious and heartening in this weather.

If you haven’t been, put this café on your to-do list stat. You won’t be disappointed.

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(All images: Supplied/ Kusuka Café)

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