25 Of The Best Responses To “Annoy Someone From Sydney In Five Words Or Less”

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25 Of The Best Responses To “Annoy Someone From Sydney In Five Words Or Less”

We asked and you answered.

With all the less than happy news flying around for Sydney, we decided to bring some levity to the situation by asking our Facebook audience to tell us how they would annoy someone from Sydney in five words or less. Luckily, our audience knows how to have some fun and make the most out of a bad situation.

We got a lot of hilarious replies and witty repartee that we would be remiss not to share again. In case you missed the post, here are 20 of the best responses to “Annoy someone from Sydney in five words or less.”

The hard truths

1. Your property has lost value

2. I got toilet paper

3. How good is the nightlife?

4. Hawaii is open to tourists


5. “Have you signed in?”

6. Active wear plus full makeup

7. Just go down Parramatta Road.

8. “Please use common sense”

9. Can’t find coffee after 5pm

10. Get AstraGeneca vaccine says ScoMo

You could also say this for a reaction

11. You can’t go to restaurants

12. Home-schooling commencing in term 3

13. Car accident on Harbour Bridge


14. I know the BEST barista

15. Go the Maroons!

16. I know a quicker way

17. Pacific Highway, Hume Highway

18. All the borders are closed

These comments that would put Keats to shame

19. Tolls tolls tolls tolls tolls.

20. Nice shoebox, $750/week? Noice

And of course the M word

21. Melbourne is the best city!

22. Come on, Melbourne’s obviously better

23. Victoria the place to be

24. Masks are mandatory

This unfortunate truth…

25. Your holiday has been cancelled

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