30 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Sydney Without Telling Me You’re From Sydney”

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30 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Sydney Without Telling Me You’re From Sydney”

The comment section was a vibe.

Whether you’re born and brought up in the Harbour City or moved here recently, there are some quirks that give Sydneysiders their unique edge. To put this to the test, we asked our Facebook audience to tell us they’re from Sydney without telling us they’re from Sydney. Needless to say, the response was very fun and creative and there were a LOT of hilarious quips about the traffic and the property prices. In case you missed the post, here are 30 of the finest responses to “Tell Me You’re From Sydney Without Telling Me You’re From Sydney”.

1. What school did you go to?

2. I need to drive 3 blocks… I’ll be there in 3 hours

3. Took me 90 minutes to go 7km along spit and military road

4. How many drinks have you had today?

5. It’s 14 degrees today. Freakin’ freezing even though I’ve got 7 layers on

6. I can pay up to $11.50 for a bottle of water

7. $2m for a dilapidated, derelict 1 bedroom terrace in a non-fancy suburb

8. I’m leaving now, I’ll be there in 2hrs

9. Was locked out of the night time economy for 7 years

10. Fined for doing 3km/h over the speed limit

11. I took a train to the city but there was trackwork so the train service put me on a bus instead


12. It takes me 30 minutes to drive 5 minutes down the road

13. I earn 6 figures and can’t afford to buy a house

14. Potato scallops

15. When I wish to drive somewhere, it’s like planning a military operation

16. 4 Million for a run down dilapidated house? Bargain!

(It’s funny cause it’s true)

17. Rent is 50% of my income and Brunch is 10%

18. ‘You’ll be right…’

19. I took out a mortgage to buy a sandwich and coffee from the airport

20. I have had more new neighbours than hot dinners

21. But Sydney siders love to tell you they are from Sydney as soon as they speak

… (not wrong)


22. I have taken the train, will be reaching in 299999 hrs…cyaa

23. 4 Seasons in one day

24. City with the best zoo view

25. What suburb do you live in & what school did you attend?

26. Cardio walk up the Lavender Bay steps to Little Walker Street

27. I live in the same place as the most famous harbour bridge in the world

28. Annandale hotel floors are the stickiest in NSW

29. “It’s 8.30pm – kitchen’s closed, mate.”

30. The best city in Oz

…. hard agree! ❤️️

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