Australia’s Biggest ‘Harry Potter’ Stockist Has Opened Their First Sydney Store Today

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Australia’s Biggest ‘Harry Potter’ Stockist Has Opened Their First Sydney Store Today

Canberra’s Quizzic Alley has opened a second store in Drummoyne.

The new Quizzic Alley has taken over the former NSW bank building on Victoria Road, which obviously conjures up images of gold, goblins, and the second-safest place in the wizarding world. (Featured image: Quizzic Alley)

Luckily for all Sydney-based wizards and witches looking to stock up on their magic supplies, they won’t have to break in because this second store has thrown open its doors today — just in time to stock up for Christmas.

Compared to the first store which opened a little over two years ago, owner and gold-medal winning Paralympic skier Michael Milton (aka Nearly-Legless Mick) says the new store will look completely different from the outside. However, on the inside, you’ll be sure to find shelves jam-packed with every piece of magical merch, Harry Potter memorabilia, and wizarding paraphernalia you can think of.

You’ll find robes for the new school year, an animatronic sorting hat in case you need a second opinion, golden snitches so you can cut out the tough chase, a whole range of bracelets, necklaces and charms as well as wands, sweets, treats, and hopefully a Brews and Bubbles Potions Class to make up for the schooling you missed this year.


To get a better picture of everything stocked at Quizzic Alley, head over to the online store.

Unlike the Fyshwick store, though, the Drummoyne location will be without the replica baby blue Ford Anglia and QBrews too, the butterscotch-flavoured non-alcoholic beers. Nonetheless, we’re sure that the new store will be full of magical surprises.

Like a first-year on the train to Hogwarts, we’re giddy with excitement. Make sure to follow Quizzic Alley on Instagram.

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