You Can Now Take Away These Fluffy Japanese Pancakes And Eat Them At Home · Gram Cafe And Pancakes

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You Can Now Take Away These Fluffy Japanese Pancakes And Eat Them At Home · Gram Cafe And Pancakes

Gram’s three-tiered, souffle-style pancakes caused a stir when they opened earlier this year.

Having already opened 60 stores around the world, including one in San Francisco, it was a sure bet that sooner rather than later that the Japanese souffle-pancake chain would open up a store in Sydney. (Featured image: gram_pancakes_australia)

And when it did, well, Chatswood’s newest eatery was like all other ‘new and must-try’ openings with queues going out the door. But, apparently, these were nothing when compared to the lines snaking out the doors of their Japan locations.

Although opening weekend saw some teething issues arise from differences between Japanese hospitality service and Australian expectations – in Japan, the premium-pancakes are not available all day whereas that was the expectation here in Sydney – the Gram team listened and made quick work of resolving the issues. And now, people keep flocking to Gram to try their fluffy pancakes. Just look at them.

But what is it that makes these premium-pancakes a new and must-try addition to Sydney’s foodie scene?

Aside from the general love that people have for pancakes, these egg-white heavy pancakes are whipped first and steamed under metal domes before being cooked, which results in their cloud-like puff and aesthetic appeal. Customers can then choose from eight varieties such as matcha, caramelised banana, tiramisu, and honeyed apple with Earl Grey-cream to take them up to seventh heaven.


The ingredients themselves are imported directly from Japan and consequently cannot be found in Australia so there’s no chance of you being able to replicate them at home.

Now that the kinks have been worked out, Gram’s pancakes are also available for takeaway. The newest addition to the ‘premium to go’ range is the Wafuu Box which features three flavours: original, black sesame, and matcha.

If you’re going to eat in store, bear in mind that a queuing system has been put into place and you’ll probably end up spending time walking around Chatswood, waiting for others to finish eating and taking photos of the Japanese-style arrangements and neon signage.

Get down to Chatswood today.

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