Sydney’s Iconic Frankie’s Pizza Is Getting Demolished For A New Metro Station

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Sydney’s Iconic Frankie’s Pizza Is Getting Demolished For A New Metro Station

The late-night pizza and live-gig joint is a beloved Sydney staple.

Many folks who have lived in Sydney have a story about Frankie’s Pizza. The much-loved live music venue has served as an amazing retreat for music lovers and misfits, friends and couples, pizza lovers and live-gig enthusiasts and introverts and extroverts alike. But we will soon have to say goodbye to this legendary bar. (Featured image: @frankiespizzabytheslice.)

The NSW Government, in an announcement late last week, said that a new Metro West line is gearing up to be built. The metro will run from the CBD to Westmead with the CBD requiring two construction sites with one on Hunter Street where Frankie’s Pizza is located, hence requiring its demolition.

However, there is some hope for loyal Frankie’s Pizza fans. In a statement given to Sydney Morning Herald, NSW transport minister Andrew Constance assured that plans are underway for its relocation.

“Frankie’s is an important part of Sydney’s live music scene and we will make sure it is properly supported during this challenging time,” Constance said.


“Sydney Metro is assigning Frankie’s a dedicated acquisition manager to guide them through this process and to help find another location.”

Development for the multi-billion project is set to kick off by late 2022. Frankie’s Pizza has yet to make an official statement.

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