Take Your Summer Up A Notch With Fireball’s King-Sized 5.25 Litre Keg

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

fireball whisky 5.25 litre firekeg

Fireball whisky lovers can now get their hands on a 5.25 litre keg aptly dubbed the ‘Firekeg’. Yep, a whole keg of fireball whisky for all your weekend party needs. The cinnamon whisky drops today and you’ll want to get your hands on one asap because only a limited 1000 kegs are available across Australia.

The 5.25 litre keg can serve up to 175 30ml shots for just $349 and if you do the math that’s just about $2 per shot. Total bargain.

The party staple is available to purchase exclusively via BoozeBud and features three spouts for Fireball lovers to pour up to three shots at a time. If you’re looking for something spicy and fun to amp up your party, get your hands on this smooth and delicious liquor with just the right amount of red-hot cinnamon.


The ‘Firekeg’ was first released in North America last year and is now making its way down under guaranteeing us both good taste and good times.

Find more details on the Boozebud website and start lining up plans for the weekend.

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