Pick Up Sydney’s Coveted Charcoal Chicken Without Getting Out Of Your Car · El Jannah

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Pick Up Sydney’s Coveted Charcoal Chicken Without Getting Out Of Your Car · El Jannah

Roll up and collect your charcoal chicken at El Jannah’s first drive-thru restaurant.

El Jannah, the iconic Sydney-based charcoal chicken chain that first opened its doors way back in the 90s, continues to grow in size and following.

With seven stores already open across Sydney, including its newest Newtown venue which opened just before the pandemic hit, the newest restaurant will see the biggest addition to the El Jannah chicken empire since they opened—a drive-thru option for those of us preferring to stay seated behind the wheel. Luckily, the drive-thru already comes equipped with safe social-distancing measures.

The Smithfield Road location opened its doors and slid across the drive-thru windows for business on Saturday, August 8, and will continue serving up Lebanese-style chicken in wholes, halves, and quarters as well as in rolls, burgers, platters, skewers, and salads.


It should also go without saying that their recent venture into fried chicken will also be available for poultry lovers to pick up and drive away with because variety is the spice of life. And yes, their beloved garlic sauce will be on hand too for all of your dipping needs. As if you needed to ask. Check out their menu before you go and keep the line moving.

If you’re in the area but have left your wheels behind, you don’t need to worry. The Smithfield Road restaurant will also be open to walk-in customers. We also expect that you will also be able to order online and pick up in-store as well, although you might have to get out of the car for these.

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