The Super Posh Dîner en Blanc Is Returning To Sydney Next Year At A Secret Location

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Dîner en Blanc

Chic, spectacular and very unique, the Dîner en Blanc is as exclusive a party as it gets. For the uninitiated, this elegant large-scale picnic spans six continents and sees multitudes of people dressed in head-to-toe white clothing. Now the world’s most secretive social gathering returns to Sydney in February 2022.

Dîner en Blanc Sydney 2022

The unique concept originated in Paris in 1988 when François Pasquier invited a group of friends to a fancy outdoor dinner party. The colour code was white so the guests could easily identify each other.

Now gearing up for a big return to Sydney, the all-white, all-exclusive event will see Sydney’s cream of the crop putting their best foot forward in their all-white ensembles.

Dîner en Blanc
Image: Supplied/ Dîner en Blanc

Pomp and show aside, the event is also a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family after many months of having to be apart. And the organisers are leaving no stone unturned especially when it comes to picking an epic location for the event.

“This chic and elegant affair seems perfect to encourage people to shop local and bring to the event their neighbourhood delicacies. This year, the number of participants will be limited, so we strongly recommend registering early,” Antoine Bessis, host of Le Dîner en Blanc Sydney says.

In the past Bondi Beach, Centennial Parklands, and the Sydney Opera House forecourt have all acted as locations for the glamourous picnic party making for an incredibly Instagram-worthy event.


The details

Curious to know what all the fuss is about? You’ll either need to be invited by an attendee from a previous event or get on the waiting list here.

Once your registration is confirmed there’s no backing out. Rain or shine the Dîner en Blanc goes on. Guests will be required to carry a table, two white chairs and a white tablecloth to the coveted dining event. While you’ll need to carry your own picnic basket with fine dining food options, a catered picnic basket will be available to pick up on-site.

The tableware, dinnerware and décor are all-white so needless to say you’ll need to get your best white outfit dry cleaned before the event.

Find more details about the event on their official website. 

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