Dark Talk Time Will Connect You With Strangers — One Phone Call At A Time

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Dark Talk Time Will Connect You With Strangers — One Phone Call At A Time

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation?

Things can get pretty lonely in lockdown, especially if you live alone. And while you can message your friends online, or talk to your mum on the phone, the opportunity to connect with random strangers has been lost. You know the feeling, like when the train gets cancelled and everyone on the platform sighs in frustration? Or when you’re waiting in line for a coffee, and someone notices your band shirt, so you have a fleeting conversation about music? Dark Talk Time is an art project that is ideal for lockdown, because it facilitates meaningful connections with strangers on the phone. Chat to someone anonymously and then leave, feeling a tad bad lighter and less alone.

Dark Talk Time

The way it works is pretty simple. Book in ahead of time to one of their call slots. When you call, a host will answer and ask you to sit somewhere quiet. Preferably, it will be in the dark.

The host will connect you to an anonymous conversation partner, and will drop in some careful questions to guide your conversation in a meaningful way. While it may be awkward to begin with, these questions will help you warm up and open different avenues of discussion.

The conversation will last between 60 and 90 minutes, so you’ll definitely have to set aside some time for this. However, if you’re having a grand old time talking, the host won’t force you to hang up the phone. They’ll just leave you to it until the conversation winds up naturally.


Once it’s over, that’s it! You’ll never talk again, but that’s the beauty of it. You’re free to be completely honest and face no judgment. You might leave as a different person, because you’ve been exposed to a different perspective in that brief moment of time.

Booking costs $10, but if that’s an issue, Dark Talk Time will waive the fee, no questions asked. Their main goal is to keep people connected in a time when we have to remain socially distanced.

For more information, click here.

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