This Bakery Is Making All Our Childhood Dreams Come True With A Fairy Bread Pizza

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

This Bakery Is Making All Our Childhood Dreams Come True With A Fairy Bread Pizza

Match made in heaven.

You can’t fight me. Fairy bread is the ultimate dessert. And pizzas are the ultimate comfort food. So when you combine the two, you’re bound to get the stuff of dreams. Cedary Bakehouse has dropped a fairy bread pizza with all the sweet, indulgent goodness of our two favourite party treats.

This popular neighbourhood bakery with shops in Greystanes and Moorebank is much-loved for their Lebanese feeds, especially their seriously delicious pizzas and perfectly cooked pies along with their delicious coffee.

And now the team at Cedary Bakehouse is taking it up a notch by experimenting with desserts to help make this enduring lockdown just a tad bit exciting.

Fairy bread has a place in Australia’s culture that is almost akin to the way Italian’s love pasta. Given our deep love for the classic dessert — this simple, nostalgic and oh-so delicious treat is bound to be an instant hit with both the young and old alike.

Filled with rich, buttery goodness and covered generously in sprinkles with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top, if you’re feeling a bit of a mid-week slump, you know what to do on your evening run today (given the bakery is in your LGA.)


And yes, you can get it for takeaway. Check out more about it over here.

Customers are encouraged to call up and place an order over the phone or swing by one of the stores to grab takeaway.

Please note that there are lockdown restrictions in place and if you’re outside of the 10kms safe space, there’s no need to fret because the fairy bread pizza is set to be a permanent fixture on the menu. There’s something epic to look forward to post-lockdown.

Check out their Instagram page here for more information.

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