5 Of The Most Puzzling Escape Rooms In Sydney

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5 Of The Most Puzzling Escape Rooms In Sydney

Can you crack the code, find the path, and escape from the clutches of death or a madman?

Whether it’s recovering valuable information, breaking and entering, or investigating government secrets, there’s an escape room in Sydney to test your wits, nerves, and intelligence. But will you be able to work as a team to find the way out, or will you butt heads and face the head of the Corleone family? Test your abilities at Sydney’s most puzzling escape rooms. (Featured image: Markus Spiske)

1. Bank Heist, Social Escape


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You’ve dreamt of robbing a bank. Of stealthily sneaking in, hacking the computer system, bypassing the mainframe, picking locks and cracking the safe open to reveal the bounty that is, as you believe, rightfully yours. Well, thanks to Social Escape you have your opportunity to do just that and come out with the diamond prize. Be careful though, as Bank Heist has only a 35% completion rate, which drops to just 20% when there are only two thieves in the room. So, will you make it out before the cops come?

ℹ️ Book your daring break-in here
💷 $45 per person
📍 62 Wyndham Street, Alexandria

2. The Marlowe Hotel, Cipher Room


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Rated the most difficult out of the Cipher Room’s three rooms (soon to be four), The Marlowe Hotel is a film-noir adventure complete with matching black and white set. Step into 1950s New York as a P.I and help the famed singer Betty McGee escape from the clutches of her gangster-kingpin boss, Eddie Marlowe. Retrieve the documents and Miss Betty McGee will be free. Fail, and you’ll find out just how notorious Eddie Marlowe is.

It’s recommended to wear black, white or grey clothing to add to the immersive experience. Also suitable for families.

ℹ️ Book your escape here
💷 $40-$47 per person (2-8 players)
📍 640 King Street, Newtown

3. Madmind, Entermission VR


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Where are you from? The future. Who are you investigating? A maniac. Where are you going? Into his memories. Why? To solve the mysterious kidnapping of a child, that’s why.

Thanks to a crossover between VR and escape rooms, Entermission proudly presents Madmind, which sees players enter the mind of a maniac child kidnapper to solve the case and bring comfort to the family. Though not the most difficult escape room in Sydney, the VR element—with added effects like wind and heat on your face—makes for a great time. If you really want to up the ante, split your crew in half and race each other to the find the missing child.

ℹ️ Book your session here. For more info regarding the VR element, see the website.
💷 $49 per person
📍 1/484 Kent Street, CBD

4. The Lost Mine, Mission


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Down at the Trash and Treasure market, you’ve got to talking to an old lady selling the belongings of her late husband. Curious, you ask her why, and she tells you the story of how her husband became a recluse after finding the purple crystal. He quit his job and never said why. Taking a strong liking to the crystal, you purchase it and all of his belongings, hoping for there to be clues to find and mine more. Will you uncover the mystery of The Lost Mine or will you too become a recluse, forever hiding from the world until it’s your time to go? With only a 25% completion rate, you’ve got some hard work to do.

ℹ️ To book your adventure, click here. 
💷 $45-$55 per person
📍 Suite 202/332-336 Pitt Street, CBD

5. The Artefact, Next Level


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The CIA has come across an alien artefact and, since their team don’t have the expertise to decipher or understand the strange things it is doing, they have called upon you and your team of crack investigators to figure out what the heck is going on. With the help of a benevolent AI program, will you be able to piece together the clues and discover what is sitting in front of you? To really test your escape room skill, try to complete the room with only two investigators.

Total time: 75 minutes.

ℹ️ Make yourself available to the CIA here
💷 $45-$55 per person
📍 LG, 23 O’Connell Street, CBD

Don’t want to be confined to a room? Easy, here’s how you can solve puzzles all around Sydney and compete against your friends.

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