Archie Rose Has Now Collab’d With The Opera House To Produce Two Limited Release Gins

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Archie Rose Has Now Collab’d With The Opera House To Produce Two Limited Release Gins

Now there’s an Inside Gin and an Outside Gin.

The most photographed theatre in the world and Australia’s leading cultural icon, The Sydney Opera House, has apparently been missing one thing—a special edition liquor.

Well, not anymore because one of our favourite distilleries, Archie Rose, has gone and done it again. And so soon after releasing their Gelato Messina collab as well.

Intended to celebrate the beauty, diversity and creativity of the Sydney Opera House, both outside and inside the venue, the two new gins will clearly be winners in their own rights. There isn’t any doubt, though, since both gins have already picked up gold-medal awards in both the US and in London.

Image: Archie Rose Distillery Co.

The Outside Gin juxtaposes Sydney’s natural beauty and location with the man-made elements of the Opera House and John Utzon’s design principles. This has given way to a juniper-forward ”accented with lemon-scented gum, South Australian yuzu, finger limes, white grapefruit, locally foraged seablite and native seaweed.” The appearance of the gin is crystal clear and, initially, the aroma of eucalyptus trees basking on a sunny coast will lead you onto a fusion of citric smells.

The Inside Gin, on the other hand, looks towards the stage for its inspiration where ideas and cultures clash and merge into new forms. A sense of dynamism has gone into the production of this gin, with tropical fruity flavours tickling tastebuds before blending into a tea tree, pine and mint finish.


Image: Archie Rose Distillery Co.

Both gins can be purchased separately from Archie Rose for $99 (700ml) each. However, for a limited time, both gins may be purchased in a special edition Archie Rose gift box with handle that includes a complimentary enamel Archie Rose x Sydney Opera House bottle pin (also limited).

To purchase the limited edition Archie Rose x Opera House Inside and Outside Gin collab, visit the Archie Rose website today.

Archie Rose Distillery Co. continues to form and strengthen its bonds with cultural partners across Australia believing that their spirits and Aussie culture are better enjoyed together. Having already worked with the likes of the Sydney Writers Festival, Darwin Festival, and the National Gallery of Australia, the collaboration with the Sydney Opera House is their latest cultural partnership, which is actually their 25th in the past 18 months.

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(Featured image: Archie Rose Distillery Co.)

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