The Title Of The Most Photographed Theatre In The World Goes To…

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The Title Of The Most Photographed Theatre In The World Goes To…

The Sydney Opera House


Sydneysiders and Australians alike already know that the Sydney Opera House is famous.

We see tourists from around the country and around the world flock to the harbour to not only see it but also to take many, many photos. Some pose in front of it while others search for the perfect angle and light to capture it in all of its glory. After all, it is one of the most distinctive buildings of the 20th century and deserves the admiration it receives. (It also has a phenomenal history and story to go along with it, which you can learn all about on a tour of our beautiful city).

It goes without saying then that it is iconic and it, along with the Coathanger often captured in the same shot, is a symbol of our city.

However, now we have the evidence to prove that out of all the world’s theatres, our theatre with its white sails is the most photographed theatre in the world!


Thanks to the team at Inkifi, the online platform turning your digital memories into tangible photo books who scoured the web to collect and quantify the lists of famous and popular sites as well as the most popular hashtags for each destination, the data is in.

And it is an overwhelming victory with the Sydney Opera House. More than doubling the number of posts of second-placed Lincoln Centre For The Performing Arts in New York City, it is clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Find below the top three in the Theatre category.

1. Sydney Opera House, Sydney

(880,860 posts)


2. Lincoln Centre For The Performing Arts, NYC

(344,251 posts)

3. Royal Albert Hall, London

(321,392 posts)

Explaining the motivation behind the 2020 Instagram Travel Guide, Inkifi founder Paul Mosley has said that ”2020 is the year of armchair travel” and that we are lucky in today’s world to be able to immerse ourselves in amazing photography and videography:

“Photography and social media can inspire; we may not be able to travel the world at the moment but we can still dream about it, and of course, get planning for the many adventures and Instagram snaps to come!”

Inkifi has also collated the results for the most tagged Hotels, Restaurants, Landmarks, National Parks, Skylines and Beaches in the world. Sydney makes an appearance in both the Skylines and Beaches categories, rounding out the top ten for spectacular views of the city and Bondi just missing out on the podium.

For the full top ten as well as all the results for the other categories, check out the full 2020 Instagram Travel Guide.

Sydney, what a beautiful city!
But to make sure we get to keep on enjoying the city, remember to adhere to the health and safety guidelines outlined by the NSW government and stay safe whether you are working, visiting family and friends, or going out.
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(Featured image: Photo by Arvin Wiyono on Unsplash)


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