You’re Only A True Sydneysider If You’ve Done These 19 Things

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer


Let’s put it to the test…

We’ve pretty much established that Sydney is the best city in Australia and if you’re lucky enough to live here, you’re bound to experience some exclusive ‘Sydney things’ sooner rather than later. Whether you’re born and brought up in the Harbour City or moved here recently, here are 18 things you simply need to have experienced to call yourself a true Sydneysider.

1. Contrary to popular belief, you think Bondi is the worst beach in Sydney

Unfortunately, Bondi is a victim of its own popularity, and if you live locally, it’s the last beach you’ll want to visit for some downtime.

2. A really good parking spot will restore your faith in god

3. ‘You hate Sydney’

It is what it is.

5. You’ve accepted the fact that with a little bit of rain, there will be inevitable train delays.

*Train replacement bus here*

6. You’ve been swooped at by seagulls whilst eating

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It’s a rite of passage at this point.

7. You’ve braved the NYE crowds at least once in your life to see the fireworks

Camping from the wee hours of the morning to waiting in long queues to get your spot, you’ve done it all.


8. You have a mini panic attack when you see the transport officers.

Even though you know you tapped your opal card, you feel like they’re out to get you.

9. You’ve found yourself caught up in a heated Sydney vs Melbourne debate at least once.

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But we all know Sydney’s the better city — better coffee, food, beaches. Suck it, Melbourne.

10. You say you’re moving to the south coast for the laid back lifestyle ever so often.

11. You pay $1.5 million for a house

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12. You can correctly pronounce Bondi, Woolloomooloo and Circular Quay

It’s not Bond-ee, just FYI.

13. You KNOW that the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games were the greatest Olympic Games of all time

It’s an actual fact.

14. You pay 10k a year in tolls

15. You make fun of all other states

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Because we’re simply the best.

16. You’ve accepted activewear as your weekend uniform.

Comfort over style, any day.

17. You have strong feelings re: east vs west

(btw inner west is best).

18. You have sand in all possible nooks in your car from the beach 🏖

19. You whinge daily about the traffic and cost of living. But you wouldn’t actually want to live anywhere else and are secretly just a little bit proud to be a Sydneysider

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